Cocktails and Comedy Show Recap

On Saturday, June 3rd, we hosted the 2nd Annual Cocktails & Comedy Show at The Delaware Theatre Company in Wilmington, Delaware.  The Cocktails and Comedy Show is a fundraiser for the KalediscopeDE Cancer Conference.



This year’s KaleidoscopeDE Cancer Conference is being held on September 23rd and 24th at the Embassy Suites in Newark, DE.  “Kaleidoscope: Empowering Survivors ~ Mind, Body and Spirit” is also in its 2nd year and was created by Nicolle Surratte, a cancer “thriver”.

If you read my blog post last year, then you would know that this fundraiser is in support of a wonderful event for women living with all types of cancer.  Although the show is entitled “Cocktails and Comedy” there was no alcoholic beverages served.  


“Cocktails” are actually how the chemo drugs are referred to because they are mixed and served on site at the cancer treatment centers.


As we all know, cancer is no laughing matter, but humor is healing and healthy and Nicolle and I discussed this topic during my Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger Podcast on May 21st.



The show this year was hilarious and it was once again hosted by the very talented and funny lady, Belynda Cleare.    




Belynda Cleare


Donna Ottena, a cancer survivor brought her funny game as did Dee Shaw and Brandon Jackson a young and very talented comedian as well as a recent graduate from the University of Delaware.

 Donna Ottenna


Brandon JacksonDee Shaw

Back by popular demand, Miss Gayle closed the show with her very funny southern style stories and childhood situations with “switches”.

Miss Gayle


All in all, it was a wonderful evening filled with smiles and laughter and who these days can’t do with some laughing?  Hubby, also a cancer thriver and I had a wonderful evening.




Don’t forget to mark your calendars for September 23-24, for the 2nd Annual KaleidoscopeDE Cancer Conference as it is going to be a weekend filled with a lot of information, education, and fun!  


If you are interested in being a vendor or a sponsor, please send an email to me at ablake48 at Gmail dot com.



For more information, please head over to and to see more pictures head over to my Instagram page.


Let’s Chat:  do you enjoy Comedy Shows?

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  1. bakinginatornado

    Yes, cancer is no laughing matter, but any way to bring people in and support the cause is valuable. Great event. Hope it continues to be a success.

    • DelBlogger

      Thank you, last year all of the comedians were cancer survivors and it too was also a good show, we are looking forward to many more years of health and happiness!

  2. Haralee

    What a great event! I remember not fondly those chemo cocktails. Let me say they are nothing like a good cocktail with alcohol and blended and maybe some fruit!

    • DelBlogger

      You got it sis – hubby hated waiting for them to mix up those poisons…we have to find a cure for this #ihatecancer

  3. Lou (@MissLouMae)

    Yep, I enjoy going to comedy shows. It has been awhile since I been to one though.

    What an awesome event! #IHateCancer

    • DelBlogger

      I hadn’t been to a comedy show since last year, however do like comedy which is why I Love Lucy will always be my favorite sitcom, and SNL will always be my favorite Sketch Comedy show.

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