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Advertising on DelBlogger

I would like to offer you this opportunity to advertise your business or product on DelBlogger I offer reasonable rates to my advertisers especially if they offer family friendly and lifestyle products.

DelBlogger Stats:


35% – Ages 25-34

40% Ages 35-44

25% Ages 45-54

16.5% Male

83.5% Female

8k+ Twitter followers (2 accounts)
5k+ Facebook friends and fan page followers
1k+ subscribers who get emails with each new post
2k+ members on Google+ have me in their circles
1k+Pinterest Followers
4k+Instagram Followers
500+YouTube Subscribers

Over 100k Podcast listeners – AAU Global Production Media Group


Sidebar advertisement:
(125×125) – $450 month
3-month contract minimum

(Text-Only Custom Link) – $175 month
3-month contract minimum

Inquire about customized rates.
I will also advertise on my Social Media Platforms

Sponsored Posts: 

Sponsored posts are a great way to showcase your business or product. Each post includes two customized no-follow links that link the reader back to your website or blog.  I fully disclose all sponsored posts.  Please contact me for rates.


Your graphics, product, services, or business must be geared towards families and be family friendly.
You must not link your graphics to any images, music, applications, or music downloads without permission from the brand’s owner.  Additionally, you must not plagiarize any content whatsoever. 

DelBlogger does not guarantee any of the traffic that this ad may or may not generate for your business, website, or blog.

DelBlogger does not promise nor guarantee positive feedback towards your advertisement or product beyond the advertising of it in this blog. There is always the possibility that there will be negative feedback regarding your advertising and DelBlogger does not accept any responsibility or liability should that happen to occur.

I reserve the right to refuse any ad that conflicts with the overall theme of this blog or that might be offensive to my readership.

To begin our business relationship:



I participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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