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Podcasting a Marketing Tool for Your Business

Podcasting a Marketing Tool For Your Business – Episode 251 on Anchor FM.

When you have decided to start a podcast for your business, remember, it should be an extension of your brand, not a replacement of your brand.


When starting a podcast for your business you should always start with a concept, topic or niche.  What is your podcast going to be about?  Will it be about the product and services that you offer or will it be a topic that is related to your offerings for your target market audience and/or help to solve their pain points.

Allow your creativity and personality to shine through.  Make sure if you have guests that they too are good for your business brand – remember, “your brand is your bond and your bond is your brand!”

Tone of the Show

What is the tone of your show, will it be professional and serious or will it be light hearted and fun.  Whichever tone it takes, make sure that it presents your business in a positive light – “shine online” and the guests you choose should also fit the tone of your show.

Focus on Content

Your podcast should provide to your listeners content that is of value and you shouldn’t use your show as an advertisement.  The podcast is about your audience not your ego so use it to improve your relationship with your clients, customers and listeners.


What is going to motivate you to start a podcast?  Yes, it can be about making money, but that should not be the main reason to start.  You want to grow your audience, drive traffic to your blog, website or brick and mortar store.  You want people to know, like and trust you so that you can increase your bottom line.

Listen to the entire episode to get the summary of the 5 reasons to start a podcast for your business and how to schedule your 15-Minute Complimentary Discovery Call to get started.

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1 thought on “Podcasting a Marketing Tool for Your Business

  1. Good morning dear Del. thank you very much for this brief but clear set of guidelines for podcasting. I am designing one as we speak and hope you can eventually listen to it. The address is: anchor.fm/dr-mario-o-laplume. Un baccione. Ciao.

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