Does Your Business Need a Podcast?


If you have been following my other social media platforms, more specifically Instagram, then you would have seen this picture about my feature in the latest edition of the Delaware Business Times.


In this article entitled, Does Your Business Need a Podcast, I was interviewed by Michael Mika, who had heard about my weekly podcast, AAU/Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger on Blog Talk Radio and wanted an opinion on podcasting for businesses.

As this is my second year as a Podcast Host for AAU Global Production Media Group I have learned that not only is a podcast good for a business, it is also good for a brand, and we are all brands.

In addition to hosting a weekly Podcast with AAU/Global Production Media Group, I also have a podcast channel on Anchor FM.  This is a FREE podcast app that can be downloaded on an iPhone and Android Smartphone and is perfect for the beginner.

The best thing about having a podcast on Anchor is that they promote it free on many other platforms including:

AnchorAnchorApple Podcasts LogoApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts LogoGoogle PodcastsBreaker LogoBreakerCastbox LogoCastboxGoogle Play Music LogoGoogle Play MusicOvercast LogoOvercastPocket Casts LogoPocket CastsRadio Public LogoRadio PublicSpotify LogoSpotify

You can read more of the Delaware Business Times article, however, if you have been thinking about starting a podcast, here are a few tips for the beginner.

  1. Plan your content
  2. Invest in equipment – microphone/headphone or speakerphone
  3. Create a cover
  4. Follow an outline or script
  5. Get personal
  6. Sign up for podcasting web host
  7. Promote your podcast
  8. Learn how to audio edit
  9. Have fun



Please note, that because I am a host on an established podcasting program I didn’t need to complete steps 3, 6 or 8, however, I do plan and write my own scripts, promote my podcasts, get personal and have loads of fun!

If you want to hear any of my podcast episodes, please click on the tab at the top of the landing page to read the topics and to hear the full episodes.  My shows are live every Sunday at 6 PM EST and you can always call in to (516) 453-9957 to be part of the show with a live chat with me and my guests.



If you would like to be a guest or become a sponsor of AAU Global Productions Media Group please complete the form below and we will get back with you on the topics and schedule.



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No Man is an Island and Neither is a Blogger – Get Out There and Mingle

No Man is an Island and Neither is a Blogger

If you are getting serious about blogging and are now ready to take it to the next level then you have to step out of your comfort zone to mix and mingle.

If you want to monetize your blog and gain recognition from advertisers then you will need to step up and step out. Self motivation and self promotion will aid in your success as a blogger whether you are writing full time or just part time.

Even if you are a blogger who writes to simply share inspiration, quotes or words of wisdom, no one will know that you are in the blogosphere unless you promote and connect with others.  


You can ill afford to sit behind a computer screen posting great content hoping someone will read it. You need to reach out to others whether through Social Media, word of mouth, or with flyers and business cards in the grocery stores…let people know that you are a blogger – be a proud blogger, like my grandmother used to say, “don’t hide your light under a bushel…let it shine!”

With so many social media platforms available all being free sources of advertisement, you should be using them to their fullest extent. Sign up for Twitter and use it; Sign up for a Facebook Fan page for your blog and use it; Sign up for Instagram or Pinterest to showcase your pretty pics; Sign up for Google+ and Linkedin and hang out with others in the same niche.


Do you need to use them all – NO – but you should be present and promoting your posts on all of them. As times progresses, check the engagement rate, choose at least two that are providing the most traffic then put the pedal to the metal to promote and engage with others on those two platforms.



As you grow you may feel the need for speed to grow your network and become active on the others, or perhaps even move on to visual marketing and promotion. Start creating livestream videos on Facebook or create a channel on IGTV. 

Building traffic and increasing readership takes time so don’t overwhelm yourself with thoughts that you need to be on every social media platform out there especially when a new one is introduced.

However, you should overwhelm yourself with the thoughts of self promotion and growing your blog so that advertisers begin to take notice, then perhaps one day you’ll be writing your posts from some far away island!  

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Blogger Gifts & Gadgets on Amazon Prime Days


Disclosure:  Amazon Affiliate Links are contained within this post which means I may make a few cents on an order you place, however, it will not increase your cost.



If you are anything like me, Amazon Prime Day in July is like Black Friday in November.  It’s 24 plus hours of checking out the deals and perhaps making a few purchases.

As a blogger, there are always new gadgets and gizmos that makes writing posts and taking pictures and videos more fun and professional.  Since videos are hot now it’s even more important to have a great tripod that keeps your smartphone steady and at the ready.

Are you recording on IGTV yet?

To be honest with you, I had totally forgot about Amazon Prime Day when I purchased this Zhiyun Smooth 4 Tripod but since I am a Prime Member it was free shipping and am learning to use and love it.

There are however, a few other things in my cart waiting to be ordered.  So if you are a blogger or know a blogger below are a few suggestions on gifts and gadgets that you may want to check out.


Blogger Gifts and Gadgets on Amazon Prime Day

Everyone can use a new Tablet but if your’s is relatively new, why not order a new cover?  This MoKo Case is available in many styles and colors.

MoKo Case for All-New Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet 


Don’t you hate recording outside and having background noises and the wind interfere with what otherwise would be a smooth sound recording?  Check out this Shotgun Microphone which has a integrated shock-mount to minimize noise.


Movo Smartphone Video Rig with Shotgun Microphone, Grip Handle, Wrist Strap


Or perhaps you just want a steadier grip, then try this Smartphone Rig that you can add accessories to such as an external microphone and light.



Smartphone Video Rig,Ulanzi iPhone Filmmaking Recording Vlogging Rig Case,Phone Movies Mount Stabilizer for Mobile Phone Videomaker Film-maker.


If you are anything like me, watching the percentages of your battery decrease gives you heart palpitations, especially at events so this external power bank is definitely needed.  I keep it charged and in my purse at all times!

mophie Power Boost XXL Universal External Battery – 8 Charges (20,800mAh ) – Black

You may remember that I actually did a product review for Verizon Wireless on the mophie Power boost charger.


You may have seen these lights in a few of my previous product reviews and they definitely come in handy especially when natural light is not available during the winter months.


CRAPHY 700W 5500K Photography Studio Soft Box Lighting Kit Continuous Light Equipment for Portrait Video Shooting (20×28″ Softbox + 80″ Tall Light Stand + Carrying Bag)


I love my backdrop especially since my home office is such a mess.  I don’t need you guys to see all the stuff I have hidden behind this screen when I am recording.

I don’t always use the green screen as I have purchased curtain panels to accentuate with what I may be wearing for the day.  It is also great way to feature products when doing a review.


But of course, we all need to get our day started with a fresh mug of java, so why not do it in blogger style?


Keep Calm and Blog On – mug for bloggers

Its Blogging Day Mug

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Fathers and a Future Leader – Podcast Chat with Ajawavi Ajavon

As we watch what is happening at the border with children being taken into custody as their parents try to cross the border illegally from Mexico into the United States, it breaks our hearts,  

However, how are we feeling about fathers and sometimes mothers who are denied access to their children here in this country? Yes, there are many stories of dead beat dads and missing men but how about those who are looking to be an important part of their children’s lives but the relationship is strained with the significant other?

There are many organizations that are helping those parents and in honor of Father’s Day last month, I interviewed the owner of one such organization, Ajawavi Ajavon, owner of DAB Mediation Consulting, LLC. 




DAB Mediation Consultant, LLC offers mediation services of the highest standards with the family as the primary focus. Their training and professional experience qualifies them to mediate disputes involving, all family matters, divorce, workplace, land lord/tenant, juvenile in school and domestic violence.  DAB Mediation also offer programs with employment and training as a focus.

Their programs, such as court smart, promotes responsible fatherhood and strong family values. DAB Mediation Consultant, LLC is committed to a holistic approach in mediation. The commitment and dedication of its professionals is second to none and we strongly believe customer satisfaction should be of the highest priority.

Events include : Daddy Does My Hair, Every Man Counts Fatherhood Classes, Men’s Brunch – let me tell you a bit more about it’s founder, Ajawavi Ajavon



Ajawavi J. Ajavon is the founder and sole owner of DAB Mediation
Consultant, LLC,.Ajawavi has over 10 years’ experience as a mediation and arbitration officer andhas mediated more than 1000 cases involving divorce, custody, landlord/tenant, workplace, criminal misdemeanor, juvenile first-time offenders, and co-parenting facilitation.

Ms. Ajavon earned a Master’s of Public Administration from Wilmington University and a Liberal Arts Bachelor degree with a concentration in Criminal Justice from Widener University with over 150 hours of mediation/arbitration training from New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, DC& Pennsylvania.

Ms. Ajavon has delivered more than 100 training and workshops at conferences and with a wide range of helping agencies and professionals in 7 states, including Puerto Rico, and several West Africa countries.

Recently, Ajawavi was honored as a leading business woman of 2017 by the Small Business Administration and Women Business Center.  She was awarded Woman of Perseverance 2015. In addition to her many accolades, sheis currently an Adjunct Professor at Wilmington University where she teaches in the College of Social and Behavioral Science. Ms. Ajavon also works diligently with several international NGO’s to promote domestic violence awareness and educational literacy programs for boys and girls.

Ms. Ajavon is a member ofthe New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM), Delaware State Chamber of Commerce (DSCC),Delaware Domestic Violence Women of Color Task Force (WOCTF), International Gender Base Violence group (IGBV) and the Director of International Affairs for Delaware Complexity of Colors and an advisory board member at
Women Business Center (WBC).

To listen to the Podcast interview and learn more about her political aspirations, click this link.

Do You Have any Friday the 13th Fears?


TGIF or doesn’t that work today – Friday the 13th?

Most people treat Friday the 13th as any other day of the week and simply celebrate the fact that it’s about to be the weekend (raising my hand).  Many others are slightly more anxious or are on high alert on Friday the 13th.  

Do you have any Friday the 13th Fears?

It’s unclear as to why Friday the 13th first became associated with bad luck. Many think it relates to Christianity, because thirteen people attended the Last Supper and Jesus was crucified on a Friday. But there are several other theories about the origin of the superstition.

Not matter how or when it originated, my question today is, “Do You Have any Friday the 13th Fears?”

Yes or No?

Here are a few of my Friday the 13th fears – are any of these yours?

  • Facebook Page gets hacked
  • Getting stuck in Beach traffic  
  • Putting on bathing suit for the first time this season!
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