Social Media & Dating – Building a Relationship Online


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Social Media and Dating – Building a Relationship Online



Believe it or not, online dating isn’t something new, as a matter of fact computer dating started back in 1960’s way before  Yes, you read that right, in the 60s! The 1960s online dating carried many of the same pitfalls and thrills as virtual matchmaking does today.

Computers existed in the ’60s, in some form just not personal computers, but they were computers nonetheless. These machines could crunch the numbers on our personalities and spit out intimate matches. Sites like perform a similar service now, only with more pictures, interactivity, and complexity.

But in the 1960s, what was known as “computer dating” which involved no Internet and most times no visuals. People would submit their vital statistics along with completed questionnaires sent by mail. Not e-mail, of course, but old-fashioned, stamp-licking snail mail.

There was no instant gratification because people literally waited patiently for days, weeks, and months as companies processed their answers on intelligence, attractiveness, quirks, and preferences, and would perhaps find them matches the hope for true love.



Computer-dating services became popular and grew steadily as did the price of a share of IBM stock.  These “punchcard-plotted introductions” cost anywhere from $5 to $150. Oftentimes there was a sigma attached to it, so couples who met by computer tended to be embarrassed and even hostile.   

If they admitted to family and friends how they met, they were often met with comments such as “you needed a computer to find a date, what’s wrong with you?”




Fast forward to online dating today and with all the changes that have been made with online and computer dating very little has actually changed.  On this Podcast, my special guest Devin Spady is a Blogger and author of “Swiping Right – How We Connect, Communicate and Love” and we discussed lessons on building relationships and finding love by a millennial for a millennial in the age of social media.

Click this link to listen to the Podcast.



Let’s Chat > Have you ever dated someone that you met online?


Success From The Struggle – Chat with Connie Drummond


As women, especially African American women most of us know the struggle, the struggle to ensure everyone else is taken care of…our children, our friends, our parents and grandparents and of course our husbands or significant others.  

However, what happens when we allow those others take away our power, do we give up….do we give in…or do we fight through the struggle coming out on the other side stronger and more successful?

How often have we given up on our dreams or put them on the back burner?  A slight setback doesn’t mean it has to be a permanent set-back which is what we discussed on my Podcast with special guest Connie Drummond.




Connie Drummond, is the Founder of Lady C Productions and owner of ArtzScape an Award Winning Black Box Theatre and Event Venue in the prestigious neightborhood of LOMA, Wilmington’s creative district.  She talked about the struggle of being in an abusive marriage but how she turned her struggle into a success.


Click the link to listen to the entire Podcast and then share it with someone who may need to hear her testimony as well.

Daughters of Deborah – 3 Day Women’s Retreat in Wilmington



On Sunday, I had an opportunity to interview Pastor Jason Furlow, of Jason Furlow Ministries and in case you missed it, you can listen to the Podcast here.




Pastor Furlow is presenting “Daughters of Deborah” a 3-Day Women’s Retreat that is going to be held in Wilmington at the Sheraton Hotel downtown starting tomorrow.

The first event will be a Black Dress Affair which will begin at 8:00 p.m., attendees are asked to wear purple accessories in honor of Lupus Awareness Month.  This party with a purpose is in support  of #LupusAwarenessMonth and a raffle will be held as a fundraiser for the cause.




Friday during the day there will be different breakout sessions with speakers covering various topics including health and wellness, finances, and entrepreneurship.  These Bootcamp like workshops are meant to embrace and further empower women with economic, physical and business awareness.


On Friday night there will be a Chat and Chew Pajama Party hosted by Mother Ella Furlow and topics covered will include relationships, marriage, sex, health and the overall well being of the mind, body and spirit.




Saturday will be a fun-filled day of education, entertainment, worship and wisdom so head over the Eventbrite page to register as you don’t want to miss out on this pre-Mother’s Day weekend!


Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win the “Mother’s Day Greeting Cards” Giveaway!


Women Who Write Books & Blogs an Interview with Beverly Powers


Most of you know that I started blogging as a way to fill a void after the death of my grandmother, who had raised my sister, Gloria and myself in the projects of New Rochelle, NY with limited funds because she was a maid.  



However, we never felt poor, quite the opposite, as my grandmother gave us everything that we ever needed and a few things that we wanted but never to spoil us.  She did this at the age of 55, after raising 6 kids to adulthood, and we three had a great relationship.  

After I graduated from Delaware State College I taught school, 1st and 3rd grades, but never made enough money to support an apartment, a car note and food!  Anywho, I was frugal, which I had learned from my grandmother so we always shopped discount or thrifted, as a matter of fact, my sister was employed by Goodwill at the time of her death which was untimely as she was only 29 years old. 


In Memory of Gloria Cross


Gloria’s birthday was April 10th and had she lived, she would have been 55 and not a day goes by that I don’t think of and miss her terribly, please read my dedication to her on a previous blog post.


In Memory of Gloria Cross - 4/10/63 to 9/14/92


Well after my grandmother passed at the age of 98 in 2009, I was still very thrifty with my shopping and social media was in its infancy of how we shared our daily lives, at first it was on Facebook, then YouTube and then finally blogging.  I loved to write and had been doing so since childhood so it was very natural for me.


Long story short, my blog was discovered by Ronni Cohen, Executive Director at the Delaware Financial Literacy Institute and then I started teaching blogging for them at local libraries.  Now here we are 6 years later and I am still teaching, however, no longer for free, but at DelTech Community Colleges and I also offer one-on-one training sessions as part of my business ABlake Enterprises.  




Eventually, I want to write a book, but haven’t gotten there yet, however, I have many friends who have including Podcast guest, Beverly Powers.  Click the pic below to listen to my interview with Beverly on how she got started writing, first Children’s books and then novels.  Beverly also started a blog and explained how she gets the inspiration from God to write her posts.




Let’s Chat > Are you interested in turning your blog into a book or just writing a book?

Turn a Layoff Into an Opportunity By Turning Your Passion Into a Profession

Early Retirement…Resource Action…Downsized…Laid Off…or Fired, it doesn’t matter the term you use, when you leave a full time job on somebody elses’s terms after many years of hard work and dedication it’s always a time of anxiety and uncertainty. 

However, if you turn that OBSTACLE into your next OPPORTUNITY, make that STUMBLING BLOCK a BUILDING BLOCK and turn that TEST into your next TESTIMONY everything will be okay. 

Last week’s Podcast, Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger, my guest, Shamma Casson and I talked about the next phase after our layoffs from Corporate America.




According to there are also several things that you should do before you leave the office for the last time and I will list the first two below, however, I ask that you click this link to hear the entire Podcast and then leave a comment as to any suggestions you have for others facing a layoff or a resource action.


5 Steps to Take When Your Are Being Laid Off according to


Then, follow these five steps to make sure you’re leaving the building with your dignity — and everything you need to land on your feet.

Don’t Leave Without Your Contacts

If you don’t have a backup of your contacts at home, the very first thing to do is to get your contacts, says Ryan. “If you’re in the conference room and being seen out the door, you obviously can’t,” she says. “But if they let you go back to your desk and sit down — and most companies will let you do that today — save your contacts. If there’s someone hovering, just say, ‘Look, I’m just downloading my Outlook contacts.'”

Your contacts are paramount to jump-starting your new job search. “You want to write to each of your contacts and let them know that you’ve been laid off and give them a paragraph about what you’re looking for,” Ryan says. Your network will immediately start looking for work for you — while you’re distracted dealing with other tasks.


Don’t Leave Without a Layoff Letter

“Get something in writing about this termination before you leave the premises,” says Ryan, a former human resources executive. Unemployment is not retroactive, so you should go to your local unemployment office within 48 hours, and having such a letter will help.

“If you walk in with something in writing from your former employer saying that you were laid off and you worked there from this date to that date, it will speed up the processing of your check,” she says. And because most unemployment checks aren’t as much as regular wages, it’s important to bring in as much money as possible as quickly as possible. 



Let’s Chat: Have you ever been laid off?

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