Does Your Business Need a Podcast?

If you have been following my other social media platforms, more specifically Instagram, then you would have seen this picture about my feature in the latest edition of the Delaware Business Times.


In this article entitled, Does Your Business Need a Podcast, I was interviewed by Michael Mika, who had heard about my weekly podcast, AAU/Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger on Blog Talk Radio and wanted an opinion on podcasting for businesses.

As this is my second year as a Podcast Host for AAU Global Production Media Group I have learned that not only is a podcast good for a business, it is also good for a brand, and we are all brands.

In addition to hosting a weekly Podcast with AAU/Global Production Media Group, I also have a podcast channel on Anchor FM.  This is a FREE podcast app that can be downloaded on an iPhone and Android Smartphone and is perfect for the beginner.

The best thing about having a podcast on Anchor is that they promote it free on many other platforms including:

AnchorAnchorApple Podcasts LogoApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts LogoGoogle PodcastsBreaker LogoBreakerCastbox LogoCastboxGoogle Play Music LogoGoogle Play MusicOvercast LogoOvercastPocket Casts LogoPocket CastsRadio Public LogoRadio PublicSpotify LogoSpotify

You can read more of the Delaware Business Times article, however, if you have been thinking about starting a podcast, here are a few tips for the beginner.

  1. Plan your content
  2. Invest in equipment – microphone/headphone or speakerphone
  3. Create a cover
  4. Follow an outline or script
  5. Get personal
  6. Sign up for podcasting web host
  7. Promote your podcast
  8. Learn how to audio edit
  9. Have fun



Please note, that because I am a host on an established podcasting program I didn’t need to complete steps 3, 6 or 8, however, I do plan and write my own scripts, promote my podcasts, get personal and have loads of fun!

If you want to hear any of my podcast episodes, please click on the tab at the top of the landing page to read the topics and to hear the full episodes.  My shows are live every Sunday at 6 PM EST and you can always call in to (516) 453-9957 to be part of the show with a live chat with me and my guests.



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