Toys & Games of the 60s

Troll Dolls

Etch a Sketch



Hoola Hoops



toys of the 60's

GI Joe with the Kung Fu Grip

Barbie and Ken Dolls

Troll Dolls


Easy Bake Oven


Chinese Jump Rope


Wow, remember when these toys and games kept our attention for hours on end?  We learned how to cook with a light bulb; steady our grips pretending to operate on a strange little man; kept in shape jumping rope and hula hooping and played house all day long with Ken and Barbie.

Long gone are the days when investing fake money and being sent to jail was a fun way to live but are they – let’s check in on Bernie Madoff!


Watching a Slinky descend the stairs and pressing Silly Putty against cartoon comics newsprint to stretch their images or playing Rock em Sock em Robots with fists flying, boxing until one of their heads popped up, those were the good old days!

Mr. Potato Head was cool with his black mustache and Raggedy Ann was fly in her multi-colored dress, and Twister had you in knots; butts in faces and funky feet in holey socks – wow what a great way to spend a Saturday with your family and friends!

However, there was one game that I never played and that was marbles.  It was a game of skill played mostly by boys who didn’t let us learn and only recently read about the Marble State Champion who was from Delaware in 1950 – did you know about Tilton Holt?  


If not, click here to read more about Tilton who passed away on August 18th at the age of 79.


Wilmington's Marble Champion

What was your favorite childhood toy or game?



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Demystifying The Myths of Hypnosis

How many of you remember the movie JD’s Revenge or an episode of The Jeffersons when George was hypnotized and removed all his clothing?  Have you ever attended a hypnosis comedy show in Vegas or New York?

According to the dictionary, “hypnosis is the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Its use in therapy, typically to recover repressed memories or to allow modification of behavior by suggestion, hypnosis but is still very controversial.”



Whatever the case may be, some people still associate hypnosis with demonic or satanic rituals like they may have seen in some B-Rated Horror movie.  Thanks to on-stage brainwashing sessions and movies featuring stupid shenanigans,  hypnosis has a reputation for being nothing more than for pure entertainment.


myths of hypnosis

Are you scared of hypnosis? Many people are, either for personal reasons or because of religious beliefs, most of which result from misconceptions about the process. Almost all of the people who fear hypnosis think they have never been hypnotized, or would not choose to be hypnotized if they were given the chance.

However, according to the website most of us have experienced hypnosis many times, but we haven’t known it. Have you ever stood in a supermarket checkout line, idly daydreaming, only to realize with a start that the person in front of you had already checked out their groceries, while you had checked out of normal awareness?

Have you ever gazed into a flickering fire, remaining transfixed by the dancing flames, without thinking? Ever zoned out in a hot tub in a state of total relaxation, or missed your exit on the highway while you were somewhere else? All of these experiences are states of natural hypnotic trance, and very few of us would be afraid of them. 


Tim Miller, Hypnotist

On this Podcast, I interviewed Tim Miller, a former Head Football Coach at LaSalle University now Celebrity Hypnotist and his lovely wife Michelle who will be starring in their own reality television show, Hypnotizing America with Tim Miller.


Beginning Steps for Monetizing Your Blog

steps on monetizing your blog

Disclosure:  Post contains affiliate links and was written by author Christine H.


Your blog is your baby. You invest a lot of time in it. You put in a lot of effort, and you pour your heart and soul into it. If you decide to monetize your blog and make it a player in the online communication and marketing community, that’s a great way to subsidize your passion. You can make some money in creative ways. However, most of us are hesitant to take the step because we’re just not sure how to get started. How do you balance the personal and honest elements of your site along with revenue-generating changes?


how to monetize your blog

What Generates Revenue for a Blog?




Ads are probably the most commonly used because they’re the easiest to set up. By simply adding a sidebar and/or banner on your site, you can start getting paid, either according to the number of people who see the ad on your blog, or a number of people who actually click on it. Either way, you get the most out of these ads when you build your audience and are judicious about which ads you approve for your site and how you place them. Make sure that you keep your ads appropriate for your content and audience, and don’t ever overwhelm your personal content with advertisements.



Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are often similar to pay-per-click ads, and might even appear similarly on your site. These are links that you post on your site, for which you’ll get paid a small percentage when your visitors click through and make a purchase. The most common program for affiliate links is Amazon’s. What’s nice about Amazon is that it’s usually easy for you to have applicable products that won’t interrupt the flow of your content.



Endorsements and Reviews


For well-established bloggers with a big following, a major source of revenue is endorsements and reviews. This is commonly known as influencer marketing, which is a sort of word-of-mouth marketing technique for the modern world. With this technique, you’ll review and/or endorse a product on your blog for payment from the product or service. Sometimes, you’ll be solicited for these arrangements directly. Other times, it can be useful to propose something yourself. For example, some travel bloggers leverage their blog endorsements to get a free stay at a hotel.


What’s important to remember once you step into the realm of endorsements is to always stay honest. Turn down deals from products and services you don’t feel comfortable touting. This is where soliciting brands and products yourself can be useful because you’ll get deals on products that you really are passionate about supporting.


Sponsorship and Private Ads


If you can get a continuous relationship going with a specific brand, you might be able to set up sponsorship, or private ads. These will usually appear to be the same as affiliate links, ads, or endorsements on your blog. The difference is simply that instead of having a middleman facilitate the relationship, you’ll work directly with the brand.


sponsored posts and reviews


Selling Products, Services, or Content


Some bloggers use a site as one branch of a multi-faceted business. They might use it to cover similar topics to what they’d present when they’re hired as a speaker. It might attract an audience for their exclusive line of homemade products. It might also be a way to build a community of people who are interested in learning more through a full-length book or e-book available for purchase.


How Much to Charge


In the case of private ads and endorsements, you’ll need to be ready to negotiate your own rates. These will depend entirely upon how valuable you are to the other party, which means you need to demonstrate how working with you will benefit them. Be ready to answer specific questions about your social media reach, your site’s Alexa ranking, interaction from your readers, and click-through rates of ads on your site. Assembling this together into a press kit will ready you for professional pitches and official deals.


Determining what to charge on your site can be incredibly difficult. After all, it’s a hard thing to price-match, and you’ll be competing with other bloggers, a diverse group who range from people who get a full income from blogging to casual hobbyists. In the end, you’ll need to think long and hard about what price point will make the effort worthwhile to you, and how much value you’re able to give the client in return.


Keep Finances Organized

Once you set up a few streams of revenue for your blog, it’s important to treat this source of income like any other. Be professional, organized, and legal. Figure out how to send and receive invoices, determine how to pay taxes on the income, and keep records that will help you continue to build your media kit. This link has some great tips for handling finances in this kind of setting.


The information in this blog is provided “AS IS” with no warranties and confers no rights.  This blog does not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of my employer, it is solely my opinion.
Feel free to challenge me, disagree with me, or tell me I’m completely insane in the comments section of each blog entry, but I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason whatsoever (abusive, profane, rude, or anonymous comments) – so keep it polite, please.

Study Tips for Students For Success From High School to College

Podcast Guest, Dr. Stephen Jones

We concluded the Success For Students Podcast series with Dr. Stephen Jones, and the topic was 

Study Tips for Students for Success from High School to College.


Podcast Guest, Dr. Stephen Jones


Learning how to study at the college level is a major transition for most college freshmen because of the freedom and less structure of mom and dad telling them when to study, eat, sleep etc.  So it’s important for students to get prepared while still at home in high school because it will make the transition smoother.

In regards to the actual courses, the biggest difference between high school and college is the level of thought required. On average, high school studies focus more on memorizing facts, whereas college studies require more analytical thinking.



College learning is more about understanding a concept and discovering how to apply that concept in different situations. Students will want to carry over their good study habits from high school, such as taking notes and reading the textbook material, but as they begin to actually attend college classes, they may want to think about the big picture as to what the professors are trying to relay. Think about how you would apply the concepts in which you are learning to various situations outside of the classroom.

In high school, your learning schedule is highly structured, and teachers are in charge of making sure you stay on task. Your high school teachers remind you of upcoming tests, conduct review sessions to prepare you for the tests, and prompt you to turn in homework assignments.   Remember the episode of The Cosby Show and A Different World when Denise complained to her parents that in college professors just tell you what to do and you are expected to do it as opposed to the “hand – holding” teachers in high school.


In college, you will not have this type of hands-on instruction. College professors will give you syllabi at the beginning of each semester, and you will be in charge of making sure you stay on task.

Advancing from a high school senior to a college freshman is exciting, yet can still be challenging. A little preparation will go a long way in making sure you have a successful switch to college life. You’ve heard the old adage, “work smarter, not harder.” It may seem cliché, but applying this concept to your studies will make you a more productive student. Studying too hard and cramming the night before a test actually defeats the purpose. While making good grades is important, the main goal of your studying should be to learn and retain information.



To do this, you must develop effective study skills and learning strategies.  Click this link to listen to the entire Podcast and my interview with Dr. Stephen Jones.

KaleidoscopeDE Cancer Conference 2017

KaleidoscopeDE Cancer Conference

NspireDbyNicolle presents it’s 2nd Annual Cancer Conference

KaleidoscopeDE 2017



On Saturday, September 23rd at the Ramada Inn in Newark, Delaware, NspireDbyNicolle presented its 2nd Annual KaleidoscopeDE Cancer Conference – Empowering Survivors  ~ Mind, Body & Spirit.



It was a beautiful Saturday and the KaleidoscopeDE Cancer conference was attended by more than 50 women, some cancer thrivers others were caregivers and supporters.   


KaleidoscopeDE Cancer Conference


The day began with registration and a light breakfast with vendor exhibits and information.  Each attendee received several Tote Bags donated by Tanger Outlets which contained informational sheets and other goodies including a full box of Organic Honey from Queen Honey and Hemp Oil Samples from Kannaway.


KaleidoscopeDE Cancer Conference



KaleidoscopeDE Cancer Conference

After a brief introduction by myself and a welcome from Nicolle, the day began with Empowerment sessions.


KaleidoscopeDE Cancer Conference


Empowerment Session 1:


KaleidoscopeDE Cancer Conference

Dr. Dee Grace, PhD, of Bedside Manners  is a cancer patient advocate who teaches that we can “conquer and prevent cancer holistically”  She spoke about the importance of eating healthy eating as well as provided tips on how to purchase and prepare various fruits and vegetables.  She prepared a delicious green smoothie for us to sample using fresh ingredients. 

You may recall that Dr. Dee was a guest on my Podcast recently and you can listen to the entire broadcast interview here.  


Empowerment Session 2:


Holistic Dentists


Dr. Grace Liu, and Dr. Lewis Yu, owners of All About Smiles; spoke about holistic dentistry and “preparing your mouth for the fight of your life: what you should know to optimize your oral health”.  This husband and wife duo told us about the danger of mercury fillings as well as the proper technique for removing mercury restorations.


Midday, we broke for lunch which also gave the attendees an opportunity to check out the vendors and exhibitors where they could receive a little pampering with a chair massage and/or hand massage as well as receive samples from Chanel and organic honey tasting from Queen Honey. 

Cancer Conference

I even indulged in my first chair massage!


KaleidoscopeDE Cancer Conference



hoagies from Jimmy John's


After lunch which was prepared by Jimmy Johns and Mama’s in the Kitchen we listened to Joan DelFattore, Ph.D., from Christiana Care Health System, “Beyond Journaling: How Writing Can Help to Relieve Stress.  Whether you’ve been keeping a journal for years or are new to reflective writing, the presentation helped us learn more about research-based techniques for using writing to relieve stress.

Empowerment Session 3


Cancer Conference in Delaware



Our vendors in support of KaleidoscopeDE included:


  • Beads by Carol
  • BJ’s
  • Costco
  • Danio Diary
  • Delaware Health and Social Services
  • Health Care Solutions Delaware Valley
  • Jimmy John’s
  • Life Changing Hands Massage
  • Chanel at Macy’s Christiana
  • Mama’s in the Kitchen
  • New Life Floors
  • Organized for Life
  • Pike Creek Dental
  • Prana Bodyworks
  • Queen Honey
  • Staples
  • Tanger Outlets
  • The Women’s Business Center
  • Trader Joe’s
  • WaWa
  • Wilderman Physical Therapy
  • Your Passport to Travel  


Cancer Conference in Delaware

Thanks to many of these vendors, we were able to give away several Door Prizes, some were valued over $600!  


Thanks to everyone who supported KaleidoscopeDE it was a wonderful day and since we all have been touched by cancer, together we must continue working towards making this a cancer-free world.   

Head over to my Facebook or Instagram pages to see more pictures and live stream video.


Cancer Conference in Delaware

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