179: Interview with Andre’ Boggerty, Author, The Danger of the Safe Place #179

Andre’ Boggerty, author of The Danger of the Safe Place is also a Detroit, Michigan native, who served in the United States Air Force at Dover AFB
from 1991-1998. A graduate of Wilmington University, receiving both his Bachelor and Master’s degrees, Andre uses his education and experience
to reach people from various walks of life.  Andre’ is known for his humor and easy to get along with personality, it is evident that God has called
Andre’ to serve.  He leads in so many different areas: businesses, the faith community, entrepreneurial endeavors, and in the fraternal community. He aspires to teach faith to those who never had it, and to restore faith of those who have lost it, ultimately accomplishing things that God has
called them to do.  Andre’ continues to glean from his father in the faith, Pastor Anthony Wallace, learning one of his most valuable lessons: “You
just have to have faith to start”. Andre’s “Books You Can Finish” series is aimed for busy individuals who love to read but find themselves too busy and also individuals who would like to start their reading journey and not feel overwhelmed.  The first book in the series is entitled, Danger of the Safe Place
Find and follow Andre on his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheDangerOfTheSafePlace/  Email – amboggerty @gmail.com

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