194: Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners #194

Driving Traffic to Your Blog with Giveaways and Product Reviews on Amazon
In this episode of Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners I talk about how using giveaways, contests and product reviews on Amazon can help drive more traffic to your blog.
If you received gifts for the holidays and love the recipient too much to tell him or her that you hate the item, don’t re-gift it, GIVE IT AWAY in a blog contest.  Make sure to stipulate that the contest is open to USA Residents only, otherwise, depending on the gift, you may be spending more money in shipping then in the price of the product.  Gift Cards purchased from stores or Amazon are great for monthly or quarterly contests.  
Sign up for a free account with Rafflecopter so that you can gather email addresses to build your lists for newsletters.
Always review items that you have ordered from Amazon and include a link to your blog and if you can, write a blog post review for more exposure.

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