50 blog topics for 2021

50 Blog Topics for 2021

As you gear up for 2021, listen to this episode of Blog Your Way To a Business Profit Podcast for a few…or 50 Blog Topics for 2021!

Next week I will share more, but feel free to leave a few of your own in the comments below!

Happy New Year!!!

50 Blog Topics for 2021

So as you prepare your posts for the new year, why not take into consideration a few of these topics that will make your blog more interesting if you find yourself bored.

I am sharing these topics that were posted on another website, however, I have used many of them during my 8+ years of blogging.

  1. Run a contest
  2. Review Books/movies
  3. Create Guide or Tutorials
  4. Interview someone
  5. Create an Infographic
  6. Gifs
  7. Photo Contest
  8. Personal Secrets
  9. Inspirational/Motivational posts
  10. Travel Experiences
  11. Create a list post
  12. Link Up Parties
  13. Build a To-Do or DIY post
  14. News reports
  15. Roundup
  16. Solicit guest posts
  17. Best Comments
  18. Blog income and traffic numbers
  19. Jokes
  20. Myth Busters
  21. Publish your art
  22. Success and Failure posts
  23. CTA posts
  24. Start a poll
  25. Regrets
  26. Rhetorical Questions
  27. Post a picture
  28. Little Known History Facts
  29. In Memoriam Posts
  30. A Day in History
  31. Events experiences
  32. Publish your popularity
  33. Where you wish to travel
  34. Important life lessons
  35. Video posts
  36. Offer FREE help or FREEBIES
  37. Write a Guest Post
  38. Post most popular posts
  39. “What if” post
  40. Online Courses/eBooks
  41. Food Recipes
  42. Pros and Cons post
  43. Mini course or webinar
  44. Summarize someone else’s work
  45. Future plans
  46. Thank your audience
  47. Why you started blogging
  48. List of things to do before you die
  49. Q&A posts
  50. Notable Quotables

What do you think, will you use any of them, or have you used any of them?

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