6 Tips To Marketing Your Podcast

The content of your podcast is crucial but the marketing of your podcast is even more vital as it has a major impact on the success of it. A well-made podcast can reach an audience but the marketing it successfully can widen that reach. There are many elements that goes into successful marketing and I shared 6 tips to marketing your podcast in this episode.

  1. Submit RSS feed to every podcast directory
    The more places your show can be heard, the better it is. Register your RSS feed to not only the major platforms such as iTunes, also submit to the smaller less known sites.  You want to list your podcast in as many podcast directories that are relevant to your podcast’s subject. There are dozens of directories available, each serving a different segment of listeners and it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to list your podcast in each one of them. 
  2. Create a website for your podcast
    Create a website or blog that you can use to house all of your podcasts episodes. When you release new episodes they will be fed to all your podcast directories, but you also need a site that contains more information about your podcast, show notes, blog posts and an archive of previous episodes. This will be also help in growth through SEO and you can add your affiliate links for monetization opportunities.
  3. Keyword optimization/SEO This will help listeners who may be searching for your topic or subject and help them to find yours. Think about what questions a user may be typing into a Google search if they were looking for a new podcast to listen to. Make sure to include target keywords in your podcast name, title and description, as well as in the CTA.
  4. Saturate social media platforms
    Continue to use those FREE social medial platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram as they are all tools for finding listeners. It’s also easy to stay connected with your listeners through social media. Build your social media likes and followers using interest-based targeting or Boost ads and you can even use platforms like Quora and Reddit to answer questions about your topic and broaden your brand’s image.
  5. Give interviews especially to local media personalities
    Podcasting is definitely gaining popularity, a lot of local media personalities are looking to interview podcasters. Take that opportunity and talk about your podcast.  As a matter of fact, I along with a few other podcasters and a radio personality were interviewed which you can view on my YouTube Channel.
  6. Respond and reach out to fellow podcasters
    One of the best ways to expand your listening audience is gain new fans is to respond to and reach out to fellow podcasters.  As we are all in this together responding to social media posts and articles, liking or leaving a comment can get you in front of a new audience. If someone leaves you a nice review on Facebook then make sure to respond in kind. Support fellow podcasters because they may turn out to be your most loyal listeners.  Connect with fellow podcasters at conferences such as Blk Pod Festival in Atlanta and make sure to carve out time on your calendar to connect and comment as it will boomerang.


Do you have any tips for marketing your podcast?


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