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Today, I’ve got an inspiring interview to share with you from my Out & About with Antionette podcast.




Angela Jo Collela’s life took an unexpected turn during a routine train ride home from Boston. A sudden jolt led Angela to hit her head violently against an overhead luggage rack, an incident that momentarily scattered stars before her eyes. Brushing off concern with a mix of pride and shock, Angela insisted she was fine to the worried onlookers. However, the true extent of her injury was revealed the following day when a CAT scan showed severe brain swelling.

Initially advised simply to rest and avoid electronics, it became clear that her condition was much more grave as doctors later diagnosed her with a serious traumatic brain injury. Angela’s journey to recovery likely started with that fateful bang, marking the beginning of an unexpected chapter in her life.

Angela Jo Colella

In this episode, Angela Jo Collela, is a woman on a mission to empower and uplift women and girls through her speaking and coaching business. Join me and listen to this powerful and heartwarming conversation

Angela Jo shares her journey, starting a speaking and coaching business and authoring a book before facing a serious brain injury. She then shares her experience of discovering a brain aneurysm years later and undergoing brain surgery, all the while holding onto hope and a deep faith in God.

Angela Jo announces her upcoming Be Brave Masterclass, designed to support women and young girls as they embrace their authentic selves and walk in their divine purpose. We dived into discussing the significance of the masterclass, the importance of being bold, resilient, authentic, victorious, and excellent in everything you do.


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What’s truly special about this episode is the genuine connection and shared history between myself and Angela Jo. It’s heartwarming to hear us reminisce about past collaborations, from promoting a radio show to the present day. It’s a testament to the enduring impact of meaningful connections and the power of uplifting and supporting one another.

Angela Jo, being the queen of acronyms, shares her profound mantra, “I am happy. I am healthy. I am whole. I am healed.” Her uplifting words and unwavering courage are truly awe-inspiring and embody the essence of being brave. The episode ends with a beautiful message of love and empowerment, encouraging listeners to embrace authenticity and find peace within themselves.


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If you’re as moved and inspired as I am, be sure to connect with Angela Jo by reaching out at Angelajo@BeBraveLove or joining the Be Brave community on Facebook. Stay tuned for the Be Brave Masterclass and get ready to be bold, resilient, authentic, victorious, and excellent.

I hope you find inspiration in Angela Jo’s story and her mission to spread positivity and empowerment. Remember, being brave is not about being fearless; it’s about facing your fears and embracing your authentic self.

Thank you for being a part of my community, and I’m excited to continue sharing uplifting and impactful stories with you.

Wishing you courage, authenticity, and excellence in all you do.

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