Beyond Type 2 Diabetes – DelBlogger Podcast with T’ara Smith

Wellness Wednesday

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What a wonderful interview on Sunday with T’ara Smith as we talked about living beyond Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes as well as Type 1 1/2 Diabetes – yes, there’s a new type.

Beyond Type 2

T’ara was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in July 2017 at the age of 25. Since her diagnosis, she focused her academic studies and career on diabetes awareness and living a full life with it. She’s excited to have joined the Beyond Type 1 team to continue her work as the Project Manager for Beyond Type 2.

T'ara Smith

Outside the office, T’ara enjoys going to the movies, visiting parks with her dog, listening to BTS, and cooking awesome healthy meals. T’ara holds an MS in Nutrition Education from American University.

During the Podcast interview we talked about the meaning of “Sugar Free” and “No Sugar Added”  

We talked about portion control as well as tips for attending a 4th of July Cookout.

  • Go with a Game Plan
  • Make the plate smaller
  • Move more – walk and talk
  • Make sure you take your meds
  • Stay hydrated – drink water

If you want to learn more about Beyond Type 2, find some great recipes, and read stories including my own, head over to their website and make sure to share this Podcast with your family and friends.

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