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Books on Stage Podcast interview about my new book, Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners by Darrell Spears

Last Monday, I had an opportunity to be a guest on the Books on Stage Podcast hosted by Darrell Spears and it was a great interview.

Darrell is not only the host of the podcast but he is also a great friend, a fellow Co-Marketing Master and is a producer on the Co-Marketing Masters TV show and is the CEO of Elite Conversations Life Talk Radio & Podcast.

On this episode of Books On Stage Podcast we discussed the following topics featured in my new book “Basic Blogging Tips For Beginners”.

Discussion Topics:
*Book Overview
*The Benefits To Readers & Bloggers
*The Positive Impact of Blogging On Branding & Reputation
*The Long Term Benefit of Blogging
*Maximizing Your Content Through Blogging
*The ABC of Blogging
*The 3 C’s of Blogging

Take a listen, let me know what you think then make sure to order your copy of “Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners”

I want to know what you think, please leave a comment and share with your circle.

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