Brown Liquor Music

Wayback Wednesday – Brown Liquor Music

Who remembers way back when during the holidays our parents and grandparents had house parties on Saturday nights and we kids would be running back and forth trying to say outta “grown folks business”, however, our ears were subjected to Brown Liquor Music?

According to the Urban Dictionary, Brown Liquor Music is played when you want to slow down and chill, relax and jam to the sounds of jazz, funk, soul, and R&B rolled into one hip glass of brown liquor with two to three cubes of ice.

The grown folks would be playing cards, telling lies while eating fried chicken, collards greens, chitterlings and other unhealthy foods and drinking from glasses that held something a lot stronger than Ice Tea! 

I still remember the card parties in the 60s that my grandmother had in Mt. Vernon, where they played Pinocle and I heard songs such as these coming from the record player.

Let’s Chat: Do you have any childhood memories of your parent’s parties?

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6 thoughts on “Brown Liquor Music

  1. My parents were both from large families, so just about any family dinner segued into a party after sundown! ?

    My dad loved, loved, loved the blues and old style church music. During a party you could hear anything from Howlin’ Wolf and Bobby Blue Bland to Sister Rosetta Tharp and the Five Blind Boys!

    Not sure who sang it, but the one song I can still hear went something like, “I’m just a crumb in your bread basket of love.” ???

  2. I remember one in particular. My brother was sitting in our wagon and I was pulling him around on our driveway in front of the house. I remember looking up at the sky. It was cast-iron black and I specifically remember the full moon. I thought it looked like a plate hanging from the sky like a mobile over a baby’s crib. It was odd for us to be outside alone at night. I could hear the grown-ups talking … laughing … I also remember hearing “Let’s twist again, like we did last summer” pouring out of the front door, which was wide open. In retrospect, I’m sure that my parents knew exactly where we were 🙂

    1. Yes, Mona, however, life was a bit easier and parents didn’t worry about us getting snatched or shot which is why childhood memories that involve music is so important especially as we get older.

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