Podcast interview with Michelle Devillers

Celestial Shoes

I recently had an opportunity to interview the founder and creator of Celestial Shoes who is also my Soror, Michelle Devillers.

Celestial Shoes provides mobile shoe services for customers in Delaware, Maryland, South Jersey, and Southeastern Pennsylvania. That means, you do not have to go to the mall because the mall pulls up in front of your home and will do a shoe party for you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your church group.

As a child, Michelle always had difficulty in finding shoes that would fit her large size foot, and thanks to divine intervention, she created Celestial Shoes for other women who had the same problem.

In addition to shoes, she also sells purses which I purchased two at a home show last month.

purses from celestial shoes
purse purchased from Celestial Shoes

Celestial Shoes is founded on the principle of having a servant’s heart and being inclusive to meet the needs of today’s multi-faceted and multi-talented woman. We have shoes for bridal parties, formal events, and proms. We have casual shoes and health & safety shoes.

We have specialized shoes for women with special/medical foot conditions. In addition, we have shoe accessories, purses, and shoe & foot products to meet the need of our customers. Our shoes sizes range from 5-12 (sometimes larger or smaller depending on the shoe). Our widths range from narrow, medium, wide, and double wide.

15% off sale on selected items for Valentine’s Day – February 7th – February 18th
Michelle Deviller, Owner of Celestial Shoes

Celestial Shoes philosophy is to cater and serve quality products for the modern day woman. Celestial Shoes believes that every woman is beautiful and valuable. We do not believe that a woman should have to sacrifice choice, beauty, uniqueness, and comfort because of the size, shape, or condition of her foot.

To learn more about Celestial Shoes or to schedule a home show, check out the website https://celestialshoes.com/

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