32nd Wedding Anniversary

Chesapeake Inn & Marina Anniversary Dinner

Yesterday, hubby and I celebrated our 32nd Wedding Anniversary, which by many standards is definitely an accomplishment.



32nd Wedding Anniversary

However, that is beside the point and a different story for a different day!  Each year up until the pandemic we normally dined at our favorite restaurant which is the Chesapeake Inn & Marina Restaurant located in Chesapeake City, MD which was only 15 minutes from our home when we lived in Middletown.

It’s now a 30-minute drive, but still very well worth the trip.  Again due to the pandemic, we were unable to dine there and I definitely missed it because the atmosphere at Chesapeake Inn & Marina is wonderful, the food is outstanding and the waitstaff is courteous, kind and willing to snap a few pics as evidenced below and you can see more including a TikTok video on my Instagram page.

32nd Wedding Anniversary


32nd Wedding Anniversary

Hubby and I arrived around 7:30 pm, shortly before a beautiful sunset, and even though we dined indoors we had a wonderful view of the Marina on this beautiful evening.

Menu at Chesapeake Inn


Chesapeake Inn & Marina

Hubby and I chose different beverages both non-alcoholic, me unsweetened Iced Tea and he, Hot Tea with Lemon and Honey, and different appetizers as well.  I ordered the Spinach Greens which was large and very appetizing with the Fresh Strawberries, Spinach, Sliced Red Onion, sliced toasted Almonds, and 2 slices of Brie Cheese all topped with a Honey Vinaigrette Dressing.

Spinach Salad

Hubby ordered the Crab Soup which contained an ample amount of Lump crab, minced vegetables, sherry crab velouté which looked absolutely delicious.


Crab Soup


Great minds think alike and that is exactly how it was when we ordered our main entrée, both of us ordered the Baked Salmon topped with Fire roasted tomatoes, artichokes, capers, and garlic.  The artichokes popped with just the right amount of deliciousness!!!!


Baked Salmon with Fire Roasted Veggies


Warm Bread and Butter

Fresh, warm baked bread and softened butter was served before our meal and it too was delicious.


Thank you again Chesapeake Inn & Marina for providing us with a memorable Anniversary Dinner.  We will definitely be returning again before our next Wedding Anniversary to enjoy an evening outdoors listening to the live music or we may even bring our sons the next time for a family Sunday Brunch!

Do you have a special restaurant that you dine at on special occasions?

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