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Christine Horn, aka the “The Booking Magnet,” is known for her trademark smile and captivating performances in some of the industry’s biggest hits and releases, including Kenan (NBC), NCIS: LA (CBS), The Good Doctor (ABC), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), The Affair (Showtime), Terminator: Dark Fate (Paramount Pictures), and Black-ish (ABC).


With over two decades as an accomplished award-winning actress, Christine has also had success as a music artist, author, producer, theater performer, writer, director, and life + acting coach; the latter is where she spends most of her time outside of performing. 


Coaching is dear to her heart as it is a way of passing the baton to new and uprising creatives and her way of giving back to the acting community that has blessed her beyond measure. As a working actress and coach, Christine shows no signs of slowing down in 2023. 


She is starring in the hit series BMF (STARZ), reprising her recurring role on the critically-acclaimed Snowfall (FX), and starring in the upcoming new series Classified (Amazon Freevee/Netflix), coaching mentees in her Hollywood Bound Actors virtual community, and working on other significant projects and endeavors throughout the rest of the year.



She is enjoying the final season of ‘Snowfall’ and made lasting impressions with her time on ‘BMF‘ this season. She now awaits the premiere of the upcoming new series, ‘Classified,’ and is heavily focused on the success of her business, Hollywood Bound Actors. To guide others in finding their inner booking magnets, she is sharing invaluable nuggets with her book (Playing Small: The Actor’s Guide To Becoming A Booking Magnet) and will be pouring into those who come to her two-day conference taking place July 21-22 (Booking Magnet Live).


Christine recently returned from Africa after shooting a new film and enjoyed the majestic scenes and beauty of the wild life out in the countryside.


Christine and I talked about how she is giving back to new as well as to seasoned  actors and actresses through coaching and mentorship, because she believes that “you have to lift as you climb”.  


An actress who had been blessed with amazing mentors and teachers was the inspiration in her wanting to do the same.


After leaving the theater having performed in The Lion King for five years, she went to Hollywood where oftentimes she stated can make you feel lost with a lack of direction.  It can be rough and lonely, so Christine created a vlog on Facebook Live when she moved back to LA in 2017. Her honest and raw transparency and willingness to help other actors grew into a community which is now called “Hollywood Bound Actors”  This is a group in which she  inspires and coaches actors from around the world and they get to support each other.


Her current client base are actors who are 30+, she truly enjoys working with actors who are 55 to 70, those who may be starting over post-pandemic, empty nesters or people who are working nine to five with a family. I want them to know that it’s not too late, I want them to know that they can manage it, they can balance it, they just have to find a way.”


Christine Horn


Christine prides herself on speaking to the soul of the actor because she remembers what it was like, even now as an actor, not feeling like anyone was speaking to her soul.  They would be teaching how to audition or talking about ring lights and backdrops, but not talking about how to deal with the rejection; how to deal with loss of a role; or how to  deal with being unemployed.  How do we deal with being told no every single day, but still choosing to show up?


For Christine, it was truly a blessing because at the end of the day, no matter what line of work you are in, there are times that you can feel like you’re the only one going through this or you may ask the question, “what’s wrong with me?”  But having someone say, ”Hey, you’re not alone. I’ve been through that too. And here’s how I dealt with it.”, it’s like holding space for people in a positive way, it makes her emotional because it is just about being a good human being.


Christine and I continued the conversation about her living in the ATL, which is often considered Hollywood South.  She enjoys living there as it’s more tranquil than Hollywood.  Atlanta is where she can relax with her dog and it offers a beautiful mix of convenience and a quality of life which is most important to her.  We also talked about her success in the theater and if she had any plans on going back or sticking with film and television and of course continuing with her coaching program.


Christine, having loved performing in The Lion King, has no desire to return to the theatre as her body doesn’t miss the performance…her bones…her knees aren’t what they used to be and there’s a lot of jumping and dancing while performing.  She did, however, love traveling with the Broadway company to Las Vegas, Germany, Mexico and Hawaii. It was a dream come true and she had an opportunity to play many roles, she is grateful. Touring  was the job that helped her leave her day job for the first time.


It was a dream come true for Christine who grew up in New York City, being on Broadway was always a dream. She remembers seeing the play called “Mama I Wanna Sing”  and seeing a little girl on stage who looked like her and thinking…this is possible.  So, yes, it was a dream come true in 2008 when Christine made her Broadway debut!


But right now, she just loves the camera, she loves filming TV, it really lights her up. However, occasionally, she will do something for a friend or maybe a fundraiser event, as it feels great to be on stage, she just does not desire to do eight shows a week. It is very taxing on her body and she enjoys her trailer. She enjoys the residual income. She enjoys being on camera making a connection with the world through the characters she plays.


Christine Horn actress


It’s great because it gives Christine the opportunity to switch up the change up and to expand herself.  She also had an online course, entitled, Book More TV” , which covers basically everything that she has learned about working in television. She loves teaching the course and even though she is still appearing on TV, Christine does live monthly Q&A sessions with the students who are part of the course.


Christine has vowed to be the coach that she wished that she had when she first started, and she operates from there.  



Click the link to join the Hollywood Bound Actors community and check out her YouTube channel which has over 300 videos with industry tips.


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