Still in a Fog about this Bob Ish!


Okay, it has been a little over a week since the MMA MEGA MAYHEM MESS, and I am still in a fog about this Bob ish, however, the more hubby and I delved into it, the more we realized just how deep and dirty the deeds were!

In the world of social media, you can’t hide anything because the internet never forgets, however, many people think that you can hide information by deleting it.

Don’t ever think that what’s done in the dark won’t eventually come out in the light!  Thanks to the internet it can always be found in a Google search!



Unfortunately, I was led to believe that Diamond World Fights was the first to bring a major MMA event to the state of Delaware, not knowing anything about a slower lower Delaware organization that has been in the game since 2016.

I was also naive in trusting that all the fighters were ignorant to the scam only to do a little Google search that proved otherwise and many more were deceitful and in on the scam than I originally thought!

This ish is nasty and God don’t like ugly, and like my grandmother used to say, “they are going to bust hell wide open!”

I am still in a fog over this Bob ish AND I am still waiting for my money!

Stay tuned…

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