Print or iPad – Digital vs Print Media


“We are spending so much time touching, pushing, linking, scrolling and jumping through text that when we do sit down with a paper book or magazine our daily habits of jumping, clicking and linking are already ingrained within us”.

Do e-readers, smartphones, and tablets interfere with intuitive navigation of text and inhibit people from concentrating fully.  Does reading from the computer or tablet make it easier for students to become easily distracted and to multitask?  

For many educators, these habits raise concern about the implications for academic learning and retention.  We will discuss all of this and more on Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger.



For this Podcast I interviewed Jonathan Harris, an author, brand ambassador, radio show host, life/career coach, blogger and vlogger and we discussed his latest book, “Master of Ceremonies, A Male’s Guide for a Successful Life” and his movement #GiveAuthorsaChance

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