DL Hughley’s New Podcast & Hashtags for Podcasters

DL Hughley Launched a New Podcast & Why Hashtags are important for Podcasters

On today’s episode of Podcasting Your Purpose YouTube video I talked about DL Hughley’s new podcast as well as why hashtags are important for promoting podcasts.

The announcement about DL Hughley

DL Hughley launching a new podcast on reVolver

reVolver Podcasts is launching a new podcast from comedian and radio host D.L. Hughley. Hughley’s daily syndicated radio show attracts over 4 million listeners.

reVolver President Jack Hobbs said D.L. is a perfect addition to reVolver’s lineup. “He is a rare voice that not only entertains but also informs and engages in a way that speaks to a new generation of listeners. He is funny, and relevant, and fearless and we are thrilled to bring his unique point of view to the podcast format. In these times, a voice of sanity is needed.”

podcast hashtags

What is a Hashtag?

Hashtags are labels used on social media that makes it easier to find posts, information, themes or specific content using the “#” sign in front of a word or words without spaces.

Hashtags or # signs are used for searching – as we no longer use Dictionaries and Encyclopedias to find information related to certain topics – online we use hashtags.  Hashtags are mostly used on Instagram and Twitter, but I use them on everything including Facebook, especially #DelawareBlogger because it’s my brand identity.

Why Use Hashtags?

  • Hashtags makes searching easier as it pulls results on posts and it helps you to reach your target audience as well as helping your target audience find you.
  • They inspire action – people using a hashtag to search for a topic will mostly scroll through reading others 
  • Hashtags are becoming more and more useful and more people know it is more than just a pound sign
  • Hashtags not only helps the message stand out, but users find them valuable as timesavers

When creating a social media post, do not overuse hashtags. Posts should be concise, and using too many hashtags can make your message seem cluttered and unprofessional. Including one to three hashtags per post is sufficient but up to 30 in Instagram can be used..

Delaware Blogger Podcast Artwork

Top 10 podcasts hashtags

  • #podcasts – 31%
  • #podcast – 19%
  • #podcasting – 10%
  • #podcastlife – 8%
  • #podcaster – 7%
  • #podcastersofinstagram – 7%
  • #podcasters – 4%
  • #podcastshow – 4%

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Let’s Chat > What hashtags to you use when promoting your podcast?

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