Malik graduated from Bowie State University in May, we prepared the house for sale in June, then sold the house in July so finally in August we had an opportunity to slow down and as a family go out for dinner.

Family over Food

It was also a mini quasi 29th Wedding Anniversary celebration. Traditionally, hubby and I celebrate with a nice meal at the Chesapeake Inn but this time I chose Joe’s Crab Shack – bad decision!

Granted, it was a gorgeous Saturday night with lots of people on the Riverfront and the wait time was estimated at 40 minutes because of a large party that was already seated inside.

​​​​​​​Although the appetizer was good, which was free since I had a coupon, the rest of the meal wasn’t and I was disappointed to say the least!

Appetizer at Joe's Crab Shack

Joe’s Classic Sampler
Crab & shrimp dip, Great Balls of Fire and Crispy Calamari

We decided to sit outside and wait and fortunately the wait time actually was less than 40 minutes. We checked out the menu before ordering beverages and our waitstaff was great.

al-Malik and Antionette Blake
Hubby was checking out the online menu

Malik wanted more than water so he decided to go fancy with a non-alcoholic Watermelon Puree in a Projector Collectable cup.

Walk the Plank Watermelon Puree
Tayair was looking forward to a good meal after working all day

We each ordered something different; I chose the Redfish ‘N Lobster sauce DRY; Malik ordered a platter of Surf & Turf Steak, Shrimp and Crab Legs which were really DRY; Tayair ordered Cedar Roasted Salmon with the Mac and cheese, DRY and hubby chose the Cedar Roasted Salmon with Red Beans on the side with the roasted veggies.

No where on the menu did it state that the Red Beans contained sausage and we don’t eat pork, so that was a waste of money!

Redfish Lobster Sauce
Crab Legs were dry

Cedar Roasted Salmon with Mac and Cheese

Unfortunately, the food was dry and tasted as if it had been sitting under a heat lamp for 40 minutes!

Despite our disappointment, it was nice to spend time as a family out at the Riverfront, and sometimes you just have to accept the fact that family over food is always better, especially when it costs less than $119. Yep, that was the total cost of the meal not including the $20 tip we left for our waiter.

Oh, at least it was better than our dinner disaster at Ali Baba, remember this post?

Tayair and Gregory Blake
Joe's Crab Shack
Celebrating 29 years of marriage
Hubby didn’t look too happy!

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