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Angela Henry is the owner of 877FloorGuySupply in New Castle, DE.  She purchased the e-commerce business from former employer, Floor Covering Services & Consultants, Inc in late 2021 after working there for 20 years.  

She recently celebrated her first year as business owner and is looking forward to many more years to come. Angela is a wife and mom of 2 who graduated from Wesley College which is now DSU. Her daughter is a recent grad of DSU class of 2022 and her son is a sophomore at DSU, husband is also a graduate of DSU – House of Hornets.


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Angela has learned many lessons as the CEO of a flooring company, especially as an African-American woman in Delaware. She started her career in the flooring industry first as a temp and after being there a short time, she was offered a full-time position which was during the summer of 2001. 

Once on board she learned more about the e-commerce business, so in 2004 she became the Operations Manager who continued to progress and grow in that role, building and creating real relationships with vendors and customers.

In 2008, Angela was working in customer service but started to move more into purchasing and handling the relationships between the vendors and the business and managing the day-to-day operations.  In 2012, she was in her mid-30s and the owners pitched the idea of her one day taking over the business.  Initially she was shocked, but because she had been with the business since the beginning, helping to build the business, it was a natural progression.


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Angela was very young when she started at Floor Guy Supply, she attended Wesley College with a concentration in Criminal Justice, but once she started working at Floor Guy Supply, she changed her major and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration which helped her with the business career.

Angela had also worked at Fannie Mae while in high school so she had an opportunity to learn  the back end of Corporate America, and she was glad to have gotten that experience as it gave her some insight on ownership prior to becoming an owner. 

Floor Guy Supply, sells to both B2C and B2B residential and commercial customers. They sell floor care products, everything from cleaners and polishes for vinyl wood, stone and tile floors and carpet cleaners as well. 

Floor Guy Supply ships all over the US and Canada and they have serviced the State of Delaware as well as to the State Police, in Dover and has partnered with other companies in the state of Delaware. They are looking to grow their presence more here locally because the warehouse and offices are located in New Castle, Delaware. Many customers call to place their order and then come in and pick it up. Recently they had a gentleman come in with his empty bottle, to purchase more cleaner. Floor Guy Supply is ready to serve the community here locally, and will also ship all over the US and Canada. 


Hilway Direct

Floor Guy Supply also sell products on Amazon and their in-house maintenance product line is HilWay Direct by Floor Guy Supply. They have relaunched the website because originally it was just an informational site but now it’s an eCommerce site where you can purchase floor care products. 

Some of their biggest sellers are the floor protectors.  A lot of customers don’t realize that when transitioning from carpet to a hard surface moving furniture can scratch or scuff the floors, so they sell Chair Legs and furniture floor protectors.  They also sell Scratch Fix kits which are very popular amongst homeowners. 

They sell many of the floor cleaning products that are not available at the big box stores but can be purchased right in New Castle, Delaware at 12 McCullough Drive, Suite #10, Southgate Industrial Park. https://myfgsupply.com/



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