Hello Friends Happy Friday!

Wow – this has truly been an unprecedented year…but as we begin to venture out remember that it’s still important to stay safe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has really taken a toll on in-person networking events, and many of us haven’t been able to make new friends, whether they were personal or professional connections.

So, as the world “begins to open up” again, let’s get started and let’s make new friends on Friday – yes, we can network online without opening up a Zoom Room!

white man wearing a mask

Follow Me and I’ll Follow You!

Leave Me a Link…whether it’s to your linktree id, link to your blog, vlog, podcast or any social media handle.

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Let’s Connect…because in today’s world connecting with others is vital in order to build a successful professional and personal brand and until we can meet and greet in large venues again, let’s do it online.

mingling at a business event

Now after we connect, don’t make it a one and done – throughout the week we can just check in just to say ‘hi’ but stay connected by actively following each other online.

I will follow or like you if you follow and like me too…sound like a plan…okay…let’s network!


Let’s make this Friday Follow even more fun so invite your family, friends, and followers to join in!

Networking party

Gotta love a good networking party – oh and if you share and re-blog this post we can reach more people!.

Let’s Chat: Do you enjoy meeting new people?

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