It’s been a little over 2 weeks since the mini men, hubby and I moved from our McMansion in Middletown into a 3 bedroom apartment in Bear.

McMansion in Middletown

Until our “Forever Home” is built in Smyrna, we will reside at Fox Run Apartments and Townhouses in Bear. Leaving our home of 26 years, the only home the boys ever knew wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

I did tear up while doing a private livestream with my bestie, Sherrie, but I am getting used to the smaller footprint and living out of boxes.

In my mind I have begun thinking of it as a mini vacation for the remainder of the summer. I haven’t recorded a live DelBlogger Podcast episode yet, but have scheduled a few pre-records before the end of the month. I will probably record in the bedroom or perhaps from the Chamber of Commerce as my “desk” is out in the open.

My new office space

Running my business from a portable table is okay and as evidenced by yesterday’s post, I have gotten back into a fitness routine and the Fox Run Clubhouse is a fun place to be.

Fox Run Clubhouse

There are also two pools at the complex, the smaller one being closest to us, but with the two recent storms, there needs to be some cleanup.

There is going to be a Resident’s Pool Party on the 24th of August which we are looking forward to.

In addition to the Elliptical Machine, Treadmills, Stationary Bike, Free Weights, Yoga Mats and more there are other fun things to do in case you prefer not to exercise.

Fitness at Fox Run

Fun in Fox Run

The Clubhouse has a separate area from the fitness center which is equipped with a Pool Table, Air Hockey, Arcade Games and areas to sit and chat.

Pool Table
Air Hockey

There is also a mini Business Center with two computers, WiFi and a printer with FREE paper!

I will probably be spending a few days per week in the Business Center so that hubby and the mini men can watch their programs in peace and I can conduct my calls in quietness.

Fun and Fitness at Fox Run Clubhouse

I am making lemonade out of lemons – what do you think?

9 thoughts on “Fun and Fitness at Fox Run

  1. the air hockey table reminds me of the good days back in the mid-1980s when we had a wooden hockey table called “nok hockey.” 🙂

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