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Get The Relief You Need With Wingmom & Wingdad

Are you in need of an extra hand, someone to shop, cook, clean or even wash your after-vacation laundry?  If so, you are in luck because you can now get the relief you need with Wingmom & Wingdad.

I recently have an opportunity to interview Pleshette Moore, owner of Wingmom of Central Delaware on my “Out & About with Antionette” podcast.

Pleshette started working for Wingmom in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. In addition to her real estate business, she wanted to earn some extra income for her family while maintaining a flexible schedule. Pleshette became one of the main shoppers for the North DE Branch, assisting people who could not shop for themselves. 

One year later, she took on the role as General Manager for Wingdad, and, now, she could be in a Wingmom business meeting at one moment and then tying up her sneakers to help a Wingdad move a couch the next.  Pleshette has over 20 years of experience working in the social service field as a probation officer, social worker, investigator and mediator. These skills have prepared her to work with all types of people from all walks of life. 


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Pleshette believes strongly in Wingmom’s mission to help people and to serve the community. Pleshette resides in North Wilmington with her loving husband LaMott, her mother, 5 children, and the family pets Wayne (Black Lab), George & Weezy (turtles) and their fish. One of her favorite quotes is “What we know matters but who we are matters more.”― Brené Brown

Wingsmoms can assist people who have medical conditions, are mature in age and can’t do those things anymore or for people who just need to add more time back into their lives and may need a little assistance.  Whatever the reason, Wingmoms are there to help you tackle that problem and find that solution. So that you can add value to your time and do the things that you want to do with your time. 

Many people with full time jobs and families are running  24/7 365, with very limited free time but they just want to relax and spend time with their loved ones which makes Wingmoms and Wingdads a perfect fit.


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During the pandemic many people couldn’t get out for many reasons, some had autoimmune diseases or sensitive immune systems so they didn’t want to get out in fear of infecting their kids or elderly parents at home.  Whatever the reason, if they couldn’t get out and shop for themselves, they would send a list to Wingmoms so that they could go out and shop. 

Pleshette was having a ball just going out doing the shopping for many and then would deliver the things to their doorsteps and they were able to get their orders, have their needs met without having to step out and put their family at risk. This is a good service that Wingmoms was able to provide for the community.

Having someone like a Wingmom, someone that you’re familiar with who shops on a regular basis makes you feel more comfortable, especially if you are a boomer and beyond.  Their service sets them apart from others such as Instacart, as you are able to request the same person all the time.  Someone that you have come to know and that you feel comfortable with texting back and forth gives it a more personable touch to your service.

This service is also great for families who travel.  You can call Wingmom to have them do the grocery shopping so if you’re gone for a week, you can have food delivered to your home for when you come back.  No need to stop for fast food or order pizza when you get home!

Clothes and luggage cleaning is also a unique service.  A Wingmom will come to your home and pick up your luggage, wash the clothes inside and clean out your bags, which is great especially if you’ve traveled to a beach and brought home sand!


grocery shopping


Wingmom is building a village of support for individuals, families and seniors assisting with:

Home and Family Services:

Handyman & Painting

Home Organizing

Packing and Downsizing

Junk Hauling : Cleaning

Groceries and Errands


Senior Care

Personal Assistant

Party Help

Home & Pet Sitting



Pleshette loved doing chores even as a young girl and would literally make up her mother’s bed before she came back out of the bathroom!   She gravitated to people that she could help, whether it was baking or helping to clean up. “That’s just kind of how I’ve always been, when you find something that’s in your niche or whatever and when you can do something that you love to do and get paid to do it it’s wonderful!”

When Pleshette was a kid, her dad would always say, “life is a bunch of problem-solving events” and now she is the owner of a company and that’s what they do, they help people solve their problems and find solutions to them, so everything has come full circle for Pleshette.

The Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting of Wingmoms was held in Middletown, Delaware and it was very well attended by many, including her sorority sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha, local residents and politicians.

Full speed ahead for the holidays, now you can hire Wingmoms to be party helpers, they can help you set up the party; serve during the party or clean up after the party and help with breakdown as well as shopping for the party. 

Before guests even arrive you might have minor home updates needed like drywall repair, leaks in your ceiling, then Wingdads are available which are part of the franchise. Wingdad is a service of Wingmom, they are like handymen, even though we know, in our society, women can do handymen things too.   So either Wingmoms or Wingdads can do minor repairs fixing things around your house, install light fixtures, mount TVs, put up blinds or curtains or hanging paintings or family photos, install toilet seats, any minor plumbing and electrical work. 





To learn more about Wingmom of Central Delaware, listen to the entire podcast interview then head over to their website to schedule a free consultation as you get ready for the holidays!







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