Get Up & Stay On Track with a Fitbit Versa

Get Up and Stay on Track with a Fitbit Versa a health and fitness product review from the Delaware Blogger for Verizon

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Wow the month of April was extremely busy for me with meetings, speaking engagements and preparing for the Omega Psi Phi 2nd District Conference that was held down at Dover Downs last weekend.

​​​​​​​Fortunately, with all the appointments and activities I didn’t fall behind when it came to my daily fitness routines because I was reminded to get up and stay on track with a Fitbit Versa.

Even when I didn’t get a chance to workout on the Elliptical or Free Weights, I was constantly on the move and reminded of how many steps I had taken as well as being cognizant of my water intake; relaxation time and sleeping patterns thanks to the Fibit Versa from Verizon.

Food and fitness is very important for us all; however, eating a well balanced meal and getting regular physical exercise is even more essential in taking better care of ourselves and with managing diabetes.

​​​​​​​Rest and relaxation is also key because oftentimes we are running a mile per minute that it may take an app to remind us to slow down and relax for a few minutes, which is another great feature on the Fitbit Versa.

I loved that the Fitbit Versa would not only track my steps but it would also notify me when it was time to shut down for the night; notify me when my Samsung S10+ Smartphone was ringing, and although I couldn’t answer it from the watch it did have caller id so I knew if it was worth stopping to answer.

​​​​​​​The Fitbit Versa was also a gentle arm alarm that woke me up as well as a relaxation and deep breathing feature that helped keep me more focused during the day.


Phone and Fitness notifications

Setting up the Fitbit Versa was really easy using my Smartphone and easy enough to track my daily activity; choose how many days I wanted to work out and it would vibrate when I reached my goals.

Extra Strap for Men

Once I downloaded the app and set up my account with Gmail, I simply charged it in the station, scanned for Bluetooth to pair with my Wi-Fi and I was good to go!

The Fitbit Versa is perfect to help you track your health and fitness goals without a whole lot of complicated buttons, bells and whistles and if you want to learn more about it’s features, click this link to read the stats or to place an order on Amazon.

Track your sleep

Oh, and it makes a great Mother’s Day Gift, so check out the Fitbit Versa so you too can get up and stay on track of your health and fitness goals!

Fitbit Versa makes a perfect Mother’s Day Gift too!

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