Gift of Gab – Starting a Podcast

As we celebrate the holidays this is a good time to talk about gifts not holiday gifts but the “gift of gab”

We all know someone, ourselves included who loves to talk…loves to talk about a topics and can go on and on non-stop which is perfect especially if you want to be a podcast host.

Podcasting is simply talking about things that interest you; things that you feel that you may be an expert in; things that may be of help to others. Yes the gift of gab is vitally important when it comes to podcasting.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur or a side hustler…perhaps even a mom, pop, auntie, bae or a boo… anyone can record a podcast even you!  Think about the topic, something that you want to talk about constantly, something that you can help others with, it can be entertaining, educational, inspirational or even motivational messages.

I know each week when I’m on the mic talking with people from in and around the state of Delaware who are doing positive things in their communities I love it! I also love publishing the Delaware Blogger Podcast on Saturday mornings giving podcasting pointers and blogging tips.

Remember,  “Do what you love love what you do and success is inevitable.”

Many of us like to talk but before you pick up that mic or grab that smartphone think about what you want to talk about because you have to love your topic.

It’s your passion project that’s going to set you apart from everyone else and make you successful. People will recognize when you truly care about something, so if you care, others will as well.

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Choose A Topic

What is it that you love to talk about? What can you talk about day after day, week after week or year after year.  What is your favorite topic of conversation at the Thanksgiving table? Remember, you will be talking about it often so make sure it’s truly something that you are passionate about.

After you choose that topic you might want to do a little research, yeah I know the gift of gab is great and you think you know-it-all but if there are things that you’re going to be educating others on so you will want to make sure you are providing correct and valuable information.

You should listen to other podcasts that are covering the same topic or genre to keep current and to find fresh ideas. I’m not suggesting that you copy another podcaster’s style, however, I am suggesting that you get an idea of how you want to present your content and you’ll know what you like and don’t like by listening to a few other shows.

Quality versus Quantity

You don’t just want to record and put out crap because no one wants to listen to crap. You may want to stay away from the negative stuff as well. However if your show is controversial and you want to pull in the negative energy go for it, personally I prefer staying positive just make sure that it is a quality show and that you are not just talking from the top of your head. 

The funny thing is when I first started a podcast on Anchor FM is was mainly just talking about stuff from the top of my head but now I script out my show, so you might want to do the same or at least write down some bullet points of things that you wish to cover. You can even invite your listeners to share their thoughts and opinions about what they want to hear, but remember your show shouldn’t be all about you it’s about your audience not just your ego.

Do You Boo Boo!

Last but certainly not least do you boo boo! Be a unique voice in this podcasting space…be yourself in your personal and your professional life and especially on your podcast.  Don’t try to blend in or or be a clone of someone else. Let your personality shine and remember, you don’t have to please everyone because everyone is not your target market audience! Your audience will find you and when they do they will stick with you.

And speaking of finding your target market audience make sure you get out there…remember the quote “if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound?

So as you put in the time and effort to create a podcast, you want to put in just as much time and effort in promoting it.  Tell people on and offline about your podcast, tell them to listen to your podcast; put it on your social media, put it on bulletin boards in the grocery stores or Farmers Market. When you’re out shopping leave a flyer in a shopping cart, order business cards and create a QR code to put on it, let people know…use that gift of gab in print as well.

Make sure to send me the link to your podcast but if you haven’t started one and want to, sign up for my 5-Week Coaching Session by sending an email to [email protected].

Podcasting Your Purpose 5 - Week Program

I can’t wait for you to unwrap your gift of gab and start a podcast!

I want to know what you think, please leave a comment and share with your circle.

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