Podcast interview of Dr. Adaira Landry on Out & About with Antionette

Harnessing Microskills for Success with Dr. Landry

Harnessing Microskills for Success with Dr. Landry

A treasure trove of wisdom landed on the Out & About with Antionette Podcast as I welcomed the illustrious Dr. Landry to discuss the transformative power of Microskills and her much-anticipated book, set to grace shelves on April 16, 2024. The show, radiating with Dr. Landry’s insights, left us pondering not just professional development but the essence of self-care in our daily hustle.


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In this latest episode, we dove deep into the inextricable link between personal growth and small yet consistent actions. Dr. Landry, with the upcoming release of her book Microskills: Small Actions, Big Impact, published by Harper Collins, delineated the journey to success. She underscores that triumph isn’t just about the grandiose moments but also about those minute, everyday skills that aggregate to build a robust professional character.

Dr. Landry’s expertise doesn’t stop at bookshelves; her digital footprint as a mentor, speaker, and Forbes Healthcare contributor is formidable. She’s redefining networking in the digital age, leveraging social media such as Forbes Black for meaningful connections through direct messaging. interactions.


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Throughout the interview, Dr. Landry emphasized the multiplicity of her audience, outlining that her forthcoming book caters to an eclectic bunch. From handling personal finances to fostering healthy workplace cultures, her book promises to be a beacon for those striving to uplift their skill set authentically and manage their reputation meticulously.

Our dialogue took a poignant turn as Dr. Landry recounted her rekindled love for writing, spurred by societal events and personal encounters with the fragility of life including the murder of George Floyd.  Dr. Landry’s parting “WOW” words underpin the salience of self-care in our relentless world.

Now, as you reflect on the rich variety of topics we covered, I invite you to share your thoughts:

– Have you incorporated Microskills into your personal or professional life? What small actions have led to significant changes for you?
– In the digital era defined by remote interactions, how do you foster sincere connections and networking opportunities?
– Have you experienced a reawakening of an old hobby or passion that changed your career path or life outlook?
– Self-care is increasingly recognized as critical to professional growth. What are your favorite self-care practices that help keep your career ambitions in balance with your mental health?


To connect with Dr. Landry, head over to her LinkedIn profile.

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