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Google Home Hub Review by the Delaware Blogger

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Wow, can you believe that we will be heading into a new year? Have you completed all of your tasks and to-do’s for 2018? If you are anything like me, the answer is “no”.

I have been feverishly trying to check things off my “To-Do” List, comparing it to my “Bucket List” and “Vision Board” and I am afraid to admit that there will be a few things left undone from 2018.

However, all is not lost, I was able to get a a lot done before the Christmas holidays and with a little help from a Google Home Hub it was made a bit more pleasant.

I received the Google Home Hub which is a Hands-free helper at home from Verizon Wireless a few weeks before Christmas and it certainly came in handy as I completed a few last minute tasks. Most of you know that we don’t go all out for Christmas but there are a few traditions that I still enjoy doing and that is cooking!

I am always looking for new recipes or ways to put a spin on meals that I have prepared previously and this year I included Banana Pudding which I hadn’t made in years.

For the websites which contained recipes the instructions and ingredient listings could be read aloud step by step so you could prepare it at your own pace which helps when multi-tasking in the kitchen.

Several Recipes for Banana Pudding

After following the directions to sync my Google Account to the Home Hub, I was ready to start asking the questions, “Hey Google, what can you do?” and then the fun began. If I said to the Google Assistant,”Hey Google, Good morning”, she would give me the date, time, temperature, the time of my commute to my virtual office at the New Castle County Chamber and then would give the top news reports from Reuters TV which included images and video.

This was great as I sipped my coffee and mentally prepared for the day.

“Hey Google, Good Morning”

The volume and other settings are controlled by scrolling up from the bottom of the screen and when I got bored, I asked Google Assistant to tell me a joke, they were a bit corny, but made me smile anyway.

I could listen to my music or watch a YouTube video while I worked and I even asked the Google Assistant a question in which the answer contained the word “Alexa” which caused my son’s Amazon Echo to chime in!

I set the alarm to remind me to get up and move around which is another task that I must schedule otherwise, I would be sitting all day which is not healthy!

“Hey Google, play Christmas Carols”

Having a Google Home Hub is a great companion, especially if you work from home and spend most of your day behind a computer screen which is what I do. I loved the 7″ touchscreen display which dims when you turn off the lights and the slideshow of photos is great.

The Google Home Hub works with Android and iOS and can be connected with other devices including voice-controlled lights and TVs none of which I have.

To see more highlights, click this link.
“Getting to know your Google Assistant”

BTW, I keep the Google Home Hub in the kitchen, but when I wanted to move it, simply unplugging it and moving to another room didn’t change the settings at all.

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