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I Am Precious I Am Loved Podcast Interview with Author Roslyn Davis

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Roslyn Davis, author of I Am Precious I Am Loved was born in Tacoma, WA and raised on the east coast. Her family contains a mixture of birth, adoptive, step and in-laws. She has experienced temporary social services custody, foster care placement and adoption.  


Roslyn is married with 3 children, and was born in Tacoma but then settled in Seattle where she lived with her adoptive family, her father was in the Navy and they eventually moved to Delaware when she was in the 3rd grade.


Growing up Rosyln loved to journal, which was an outlet for her to release her emotions, she then transitioned to writing poetry in Middle School and continued writing poetry in college as well.


She encourages her children to journal because it is a very healthy outlet that helps them get a lot out of their heads and onto paper.


Rosyln never set out to be an author, she simply wanted to write the book for herself, however, knowing that it could help others as well.  It was in Elementary School always knowing that she was adopted, did she begin asking questions for self-awareness and clarity of being in a blended family.


Initially it was a lot to unpack for Roslyn, but because she was raised in love, it helped her remain in love even as an adult. She stated that she never had ill feelings towards anyone in her birth family including her mother. 


Rosyln understood that in her situation it wasn’t her mother’s fault. “She was a young mother, I’m one of seven siblings and at that time, my mother was pregnant with me when she was only 15 years old, she had already had my sister, so that’s two two babies, a lot to handle. 


I Am Precious I Am Loved

Facebook Find

Roslyn actually found her sister on Facebook after typing in a search using her sibling’s name. Meeting her birth mother at the age of 18, in Arkansas during her senior year of high school, was an outer body experience,  But after finally meeting many of her biological siblings she was excited and loved seeing the similarities between her and that of her mother.


Roslyn wanted I Am Precious I am Loved to be more than a book title, she wanted it to be a statement. Roslyn has opportunities to speak to others who may have been adopted which is her giveback and wants them to know that they are precious and they are loved


The Power of the Pen – Back to the Basics


Today it seems like a chore for many to pick up a pen and write out their thoughts and feelings but doing so is very beneficial and therapeutic.  Roslyn’s journaling helped her sort out her emotions of being adopted and finding her birth family after 15 years so she enjoys sharing her story with others hoping that it will help them as well.


During the interview, I thanked Roslyn for writing and sharing her story in the creation and publication of her book that not only helped her but countless others in similar situations.  


Writers Work - Get Paid to Write


I encourage you all to purchase a copy of I Am Precious I Am Loved from her website, authordavis.com or ordering a copy on Amazon.com (Affiliate Link)


Rosyln also shared her Social Media handles where you can learn more about her.


Author Instagram @wheresuthorroz

Personal Instagram @roze.ayy

Webpage authordavis.com



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