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I don’t know about you, but when I start listening to a podcast sometimes the introduction will turn me off. I don’t like profanity…a lot of ha….ha…hee…hee giggling or loud background noises but that’s just my preference. 


The introduction to your show and to your episode is very important. The intro is what will determine if a listener continues investing time in listening to the rest of your show.  Remember that you only get one chance to make a lasting impression so it’s important to nail it quickly. 


Check out this podcast episode, “Hook em and Book em” to hear more about how to capture the attention of your listeners.  You have to convince them to invest their time and if you have failed to impress them with the introduction, you’ll fail to capture new listeners and grow your show.



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Again, you only get one chance to make a lasting impression and you want to make sure that it is good. So, in this episode, I talked about your introduction and what it should include. 



Podcast Name 


Of course your Podcast name; let people know what they’re listening to. 

Hello and Welcome to the Delaware Blogger podcast


The Description


The description of the show can be your tagline or your elevator pitch. Let people know what to expect. “Every week, I come to you with podcasting pointers that will help you to share your mission and your vision, just by using your voice”


Host’s Name


Introduce yourself, and any co-host. “Hello, and welcome to the Delaware Blogger podcast. I’m your host Antionette Blake the DE Divah -aka- the Delaware Blogger”. If you are hosting a show on another platform, make sure they know that you’re part of a network.   For example, I am the host of “The One Marketing Thing Podcast” sponsored by Propel.




Do you have sponsored commercials? Let them know. Tell them. “Today’s show is being sponsored by ABC XYZ company” and you might want to put in a disclaimer, especially if you have a guest who is giving legal or medical advice.  


You want to make sure that your listeners know that what they’re hearing is for informational purposes only and that they need to check with their health care professional or their legal advisor before taking any action or advice.  Of course, if you’re discussing any mature subject matter, or if you’ll be cursing, let the listener know as they may be listening on speaker or in the car with kids.


Music is always great. 


Music is always great but it should be short and sweet and match the tone of your show.  You can brand your show with special music, as it’s becomes your theme song played in the beginning and ending so that when people hear it they’ll know  it’s your show.  Make sure your music is Royalty free or you own the rights to use it, including the “Happy Birthday” song


So these are just a quick tips on the importance of your podcast introduction and don’t forget to include the CTA, which I talked about in last week’s episode #345.


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I just wanted to share this episode on the importance of the podcast intro, and if there is anything that I shared that you feel would be useful to someone else, remember sharing is caring, so please share this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast with your family, your friends, your bae and your boo too and here is the link to Podcasting Your Purpose Resource Guide and links to previous episodes.


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