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Dinette Rivera is the Chief Empowerment Officer at Rivera Business Development. She has trained thousands of leaders and teams in the United States, Europe and Latin America in Program Development, Capacity Building and Financial Coaching. Her goal is to help her clients achieve their financial goals and live the life they envision for themselves and their business.


She was recently awarded the Premio Miradas de Mujer, for being a powerful agent of change, innovative and focused on action and inspiring other women to follow their path and close the gender gap. This honor was awarded on March 24, 2023 in Lima, Peru.


Dinette was also a featured author at the recent Authors Meet and Greet Book Signing in Middletown, DE, unfortunately, due to a printing error she was unable to sell any copies at the event.


Successful Living Action Plan by Dinette Rivera

Having started her business in 2008, first as a business consultant for the YWCA Delaware then after being contacted by Ronni Cohen, Executive Director of the Money School of Delaware, -aka- The Financial Literacy Institute she became part of a program called CODE; the Coalition of Organizations for Delaware Entrepreneurship, that connection was instrumental in her career. 


As a young child Dinette didn’t play house, she played “office” and she wasn’t the secretary, she was the boss.  Somehow she coerced her brother, his friends and her girlfriends to play along which she felt really set the foundation of one day owning her own business. 


She had always had a little side business as a military spouse because full time employment for military spouses was few and far between.  However, after 20 years of marriage her husband wanted a divorce so she found herself needing to find a full time job.


She got a job working as an Executive; putting in 70+ hours a week but after some time, she realized that she needed to be more present at home.  She was a single mom who had two daughters, ages 16 and 10, and a toddler son.


She found herself turning her sixteen-year-old daughter into a mom because she had to handle her siblings while Dinette was working, and she didn’t feel good about that. That’s when she decided to start her own business, at first it was an Event Planning business because she had done that type of work with the Military Officers Clubs. 


Dinette stated that initially it wasn’t easy, there were plenty of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and oatmeal for dinner and it took her many years to become successful, however, Dinette has no regrets and loves being her own boss again!


Time & Technology

Fortunately in today’s environment with technology we are globally connected with the use of social media and CHAT GPT.  She can connect with clients all over the world from the comfort of her home.  She now has an International business where she can reach women globally which is how she was nominated for the Premio Miradas de Mujer award.


Writers Work - Get Paid to Write


She had previously met a group of women in New York when she was the President of NAWBO Delaware in 2019, and had an opportunity to travel to Lima, Peru, on an all expenses paid 10-day business trip.


Dinette states that the women that she met are doing amazing things and it  has opened up the entire globe for her.  She connected with Spanish-speaking women, women business entrepreneurs in very  large numbers. 


One of the reasons why so many of her posts are now in Spanish is because the Spanish-speaking communities are just thirsty for business content as they don’t have the access to the same amount of information as English speaking entrepreneurs do.


Dinette is also planning on publishing a business plan guide, written in both Spanish and English, The Business Plan Survival Guide . Find a need and fill it, find that pain point and solve it which is key for all successful business owners and entrepreneurs.


Rivera Business Development is her business, her pride and her joy, it’s what puts her to sleep at night and it’s what wakes her up in the morning!


financial literacy


Mary DuPont and the Money School of Delaware brought financial literacy programs and training to Delaware and for that Dinette is grateful. Once she learned more about financial coaching and training, it completely changed how she managed her own finances!


More people are taking control of their finances and the conversation she has with clients is not simply telling them what to do with their money. It’s really helping them understand why it matters and how it connects with everyday decisions; from going out on a date with their spouse to traveling, having fun or just living the life they want for themselves.


It doesn’t matter whether you go to Dinette for business consulting or for financial coaching, it is her mission to help startups and business owners who may not be growing or are not scaling  as they should. 


If you or someone you know has a fear of looking at or managing their finances whether it’s personal or business, it will make such a difference to work with Dinette, as it will give you a peace of mind.


African American family looking at a tablet


Take a listen to the entire episode to hear more from Dinette and feel free to contact her at [email protected] or any of her social media pages:

Instagram @Dinetterivera 

Facebook @riverabusinessdevelopment 

Linkedin/dinetterivera  or Linkedin/riverabusinessdevelopment 

Podcasts: Latino Despierta tu Poder and The Successful Living Podcast


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