Live Each Day To It’s Fullest, As It May Be Your Last!

During the last week of December as I sat reading the Facebook timelines of family and friends there was a common thread – RIP – there were RIPs for George Michael, RIPs for Carrie Fisher, RIPs for Debbie Reynolds and RIPs for Ricky Harris, but in my heart I was thinking about a fellow blogger who lost her battle with breast cancer.

I never knew George Michael personally, Carrie Fisher, nor her mother Debbie Reynolds, and not Ricky Harris therefore, their deaths didn’t cause me to grieve. Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad for their family and friends because death is death no matter who it is, and it leaves a whole in the hearts of those left behind.

I never knew or I should say, that I never personally knew Katherine Scraper of Pillows-a-la-Mode but the news of her death, as reported on her blog by her husband really hurt.

Years ago when I first started blogging I was a newbie who didn’t know much – however, there were certain veteran bloggers who encouraged and recognized me and my little blog.

Katherine actually nominated me for a “Good Neighbor Award”!  I so was so thrilled because I had been blogging for only 8 months.  I couldn’t wait to share the news and then pay it forward to other bloggers.



Years passed and although we didn’t follow each other as closely as we once had, I did however, check her blog periodically…unfortunately, not as closely as I should have because on December 21st she lost her battle with breast cancer…her husband reported the news as she requested as the last post on her blog.

Death is a debt that we all have to pay, so please live each day to it’s fullest as it may be your last.

Rest in Heaven my friend Katherine.


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