Marketing for Introverts

Hello moms, I trust you all had a beautifully blessed Mother’s Day!

Let me ask you a question, are you an introvert when it comes to online Marketing? Are you a small business owner who works better behind the scenes but may be struggling to be “seen” online.

​​​​​​​If this sounds like you, then you need to treat yourself to the “Marketing for Introverts 5-Day Challenge – Mini-Course”

Marketing for Introverts 5-Day Challenge

This was a labor of love and the first collaboration with fellow Co-Marketing Masters Colleague Cathy E Smith that began on Monday, April 29th with the first Facebook Livestream video.
Each night throughout the week, we talked about a different topic and in this course we’ve added checklists, step-by-step processes, videos and more.

NOW for only $67 you will have access to those 5+ hours of videos, checklists and tips on topics that include: Podcasting, Blogging, Video Marketing, Undercover Branding, Content Marketing and more!

? Treat yourself today or share with an introverted friend that may need assistance in shining online with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social and digital media platforms.

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marketing for introverts
Marketing for Introverts Mini Course $67

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