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This episode of Out & About with Antionette is an interview with Alisa Conner, an international marketing consultant with a proven track record of success in marketing strategy, sales funnel development and implementation, marketing message clarity and email marketing. 


Since 1998, she has been helping small businesses harness the power of marketing to increase sales, stay top of mind and become the go-to solution in their industry. 


Specifically, Alisa has the unique ability to playfully convert more email subscribers into superfans empowering businesses to increase sales and build lifetime customers and referrals with ease. Ensuring sales increase without having to work so dang hard.


As a 2nd Act Entrepreneur who worked in the tech industry prior to starting a family, Alisa started learning and using Facebook early on realizing that it was going to be a major marketing tool.  She started training people on how to use social media; building websites and creating copy and has been doing it for a long time which makes her a little bit different than others in her age group. 


“Right now we’re focused on people who are underutilizing email marketing, because it is very powerful and using your email to create mailbox money.”


Email marketing is where you can stay in contact with people and build relationships,  because people do business with people that they know, like and trust.



Email Marketing




There are however, many that just want instant gratification and instant sales without building a relationship and Alisa doesn’t believe in that. She believes in cultivating a relationship and having someone make a purchase when they are ready on their journey, not when you are ready for them to purchase.  Email marketing is a perfect tool for nurturing those relationships and to create conversations in which to connect with people in new and different ways. 


Email marketing is like a modern version of letter writing, but many people don’t use it that way. Alisa is very passionate about helping people get their second entrepreneurial  start, because so many people have amazing skill sets and bring a lot of experience to the table, and she wants to be beside you to assist. 



Realizing that the social media giants are just in the business to make money and you are fooling yourselves if you think otherwise.  Anything that you put on social media is on rented real estate; you have no control over whether they take it down, block your account or simply hide you from others, you can literally see what is happening with the algorithms as they are changed constantly.


Alisa is not suggesting that marketers and business owners not use social media, but to prioritize email marketing to be a part of their strategy.  You need a home base, like your website and an email list.  Think about this, what happens when they change the rules, and they close your account down and then it takes you three or more months to get it back up, you are in really big trouble and it happens all the time. 


What’s really great about emails is it’s not that you’re just talking at your audience, which is fine to send marketing materials, but you want to share experiences and talk about your clients.   You want to have conversations with your customers and clients, ask them questions, ask for ways in which you can help solve a pain point. 


Social Media is basically controlled by BOTS with no human interaction but with email, that’s personal, there’s a human being behind it.   Human interaction is vital, we  crave it, especially now since this pandemic because we’ve gotten pulled away from each other..


Unfortunately, the same detriment that has happened with social media often happens with email and that is where people will buy lists or they will add people to their email list without permission.  Not only is this not good practice, it can actually be illegal and could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Speaking of numbers, another misnomer is that you have to have hundreds of thousands of people on your email list to make money, which is just not true!   Think about this, if you were in a room with 15k people, could you help them all?


“Friends don’t let friends buy followers!” 


social media and friends


Boosting and buying ads is getting harder and harder and sometimes more costly and may be ineffective, because many people are getting tired of seeing ads. Ads are good if you have a plan to convert your audience after seeing an ad by directing them off of social media and directing them to your website, blog, podcast or brick and mortar store.


The importance of having an active email


Did you know that email marketing has a 42 hundred percent return on investment?  This is higher than any other marketing tactic out there. That means for every dollar you put into an email account or email marketing, plan or campaign, you’re going to get $42 out on average! 


Alisa has created a guide that will help with your email marketing campaign, so go grab that resource from her website https://www.alisaconner.com/ and connect with her today, especially if you are a 2nd Act Entrepreneur!


WOW – Words of Wisdom


 “No matter where you are on your journey. Everyone of us has a purpose to be here. And what if every step you took was with the faith that your success is inevitable. Because it is and whatever gift you have to offer in this you know, version of your life or the next version or whatever it is somebody out there needs you exactly the way you are right now and your success is inevitable. The only way you won’t succeed is if you give up and so reframe everything that happens along the way. We sometimes beat ourselves up because we think we’ve had a failure. What if we looked at failure, instead as an opportunity to learn more to grow more and to get to our inevitable success. 




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