Moody’s Mood For Love on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day To All You

Love Birds Who Celebrate Today!




If you have been following me for a while, then you know that holidays that are meant to increase the sale of merchandise have never been high on my list and today the candy and Greeting card industry are making major bucks.


No offence to those who do celebrate.  I tell my men that I love them every day, well, maybe not Malik because he’s away at college, but I do text him once a week, plus I buy them gifts throughout the year, so celebrating love on the 14th of February isn’t a big deal. 



Now had you asked me this 27 years ago when hubby and I were dating, I would be singing a different tune, but now, naw, it’s not necessary for him to spend money on candy and lingerie. 

However, he and Tayair always buy me a dozen pink and red roses and those I do love getting.




Anywho, the one thing that I do love about Valentine’s Day are the love songs!  One of my favourite love songs is “Moody’s Mood for Love” and last week I heard a version that I had never heard before but being from New York, my favourite had always been the one that was played on WBLS.



The one that I heard on the Jazz station was produced by Quincy Jones and sung by James Moody, Brian McKnight and Rachelle Ferrell.



There are many others including this version by Queen Latifah but hubby will probably say, his favourite version was sung by Nancy Wilson, (his wife in his head) on a Cosby Show episode.



Listen to each version then leave a comment as to which one you liked better as well as what your favourite love song is, oh, and don’t eat much candy today! 


Do you remember this episode of The Cosby Show in which Bill Cosby, Nancy Wilson and Phylicia Rashad sang Moody’s Mood for Love?


I want to know what you think, please leave a comment and share with your circle.

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