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Navigating the Diabetes Medication Maze: My Journey with Type 2 Diabetes

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Living with Type 2 Diabetes has been a journey filled with ups and downs, unexpected twists, and frustrating roadblocks. When I was diagnosed in 2019, it felt like a wake-up call that I couldn’t ignore. Little did I know, it was just the beginning of a rollercoaster ride through different medications and insurance battles.



Uncovering the Family History


It all started with a phone call from a cousin in Ohio, who heard about my diagnosis through a podcast episode. She shared with me the surprising news of our family’s history with diabetes on my father’s side. Suddenly, everything clicked into place – the genetic predisposition, the lifestyle factors, it all made sense.


Managing Diabetes with Lifestyle Changes


Initially, I managed my diabetes well with changes to my diet and exercise routine. But as time went on, and I crossed the threshold of 62, I faced new challenges. Despite my best efforts, using my Livongo Monitor, checking several times per day, my glucose levels began to rise, and I started experiencing symptoms like dizziness and lethargy.



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The Medication Rollercoaster


Enter Metformin, my first medication for diabetes. It worked well to lower my A1C, but the side effects were unbearable. Massive diarrhea made it impossible to continue, so my doctor switched me to Glipizide. It seemed to do the trick for a while, but eventually, my glucose levels crept up again.


Discovering Mounjaro


After consulting with my physician and undergoing blood work, I was prescribed Mounjaro. It worked like a charm, bringing my glucose levels under control and restoring my energy. The only downside? The hefty co-pay of $550. But for the sake of my health, it seemed worth it.


Insurance Woes


Unfortunately, my joy was short-lived when my insurance company denied the refill without explanation. Despite multiple attempts by my physician to appeal the decision, I was left in limbo. Desperate to stay on track, I was given a sample of Ozempic to bridge the gap while we fought and continue to fight for approval.


The Frustrations of Medication Approval


As I navigated the maze of insurance bureaucracy, I couldn’t help but wonder: why is it so difficult to get access to life-saving medications? While drugs like Mounjaro and Ozempic are being prescribed for weight loss, those of us with diabetes struggle to get approval, and when we do, the cost is often prohibitive.


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Advocating for Change


My journey with diabetes medication has been a rollercoaster of emotions, but through it all, one thing remains clear: I refuse to let bureaucracy stand in the way of my health. I want to remain as healthy as possible so that my husband of 34 years, who was diagnosed with Colon Cancer 7 years ago, and my two adult sons, one of which is intellectually disabled will have me around for a long time.



I am also upset that individuals with money and clout are easily permitted to receive lifesaving medications meant for patients with diabetes. I will continue to fight for access to the medications I need, and I urge others in similar situations to do the same.


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Together, let’s raise our voices and advocate for change in the healthcare system.


Stay healthy, stay strong, and never give up the fight.


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