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Out & About with Antionette an Interview with Abundance Child

Out & About with Antionette on the Delaware Blogger Podcast Episode #7

On this episode of Out & About with Antionette on the Delaware Blogger Podcast you will hear the interview of Abundance Child, a professional mother, venture culturist, and eco humanist. Her area of specialty is in creating sustainable aboriginal governance, law, and commerce solutions. My focus is on the refinement of the “Black” woman, children and the of restoration of family within our status as Aboriginal people.

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Abundance Child resides in the Mid Atlantic Coast of America and domicile with her family of lifetimes. She is also restaurateur of a Non Profit Organization called Drop Squad Kitchen, the Grand Mother Priestess of the organization Order Mother Earth, Editor /Publisher at “Emancipator Magazine,” the Executive Producer of an International Media House: “Adulawo TV,” and the Chief Photographer at “Eye of Ifa”. Last but not least she is the Host of a weekly Motivational Live cast called “16 Minutes” w/ Abundance.

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Her passion is in the recognition, reverence, and return of our ancestors to restore our birthrights, what she calls Ancestral Spiritual Science. Her mission is to advocate for human action to solve social issues through venture culture projects. Her vision is to live not for profit.

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Abundance Child is the Founder of the “Girl Society” and the “Order of Mansa”, entrepreneurial rights of passage programs for young for girls and boys. She has created an outreach program called “Unapologetically Healthy”. Her housing program is called The Mothership and it is definitely something women need to know about.

Interview with Abundance Child

Abundance Child grew up on Dover Air Force Base and then the family moved to Hockessin, Delaware where she attended Ursuline Academy which provided a unique experience that taught her to be unique.

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However, attending an HBCU opened her eyes to her rich culture and where she began her journey to becoming a Vegan and has lived that way for many years. She talked about how living a lie turned into a lifestyle and why we should to.

Click this LINK to listen to the entire podcast interview and if you want to learn more about Abundance Child, head over to her website, www.abundancechild.com and check out the restaurant which is located at 928 N. Justison Street, in Wilmington, www.dropsquadkitchen.com

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