Out & About with Antionette and Dell Scott, CEO of Dell Scott Collections

Out & About with Antionette interview with Dell Scott

Hello and welcome to Out & About with Antionette on the the Delaware Blogger Podcast

Today’s podcast interview is with Dell Scott

Dell Scott Profile Picture
Dell Scott, CEO of Dell Scott Enterprises, LLC

Dell Scott with a base in Delaware is not only a fashion designer, but an entrepreneur, and author who desires to empower women to embrace their inner brilliance. She is the Founder and CEO of Dell Scott Enterprises, LLC the parent company to the Dell Scott Collection and Divacoutoure; an online “tour de fashion” accessory boutique that features upscale jewelry and stylish accessories.

Dell Scott was named the 2015 Inspirational Woman of Style by Promoting Purpose Magazine and Best Accessories Designer at DFW 2015.

Dell Scott Collections

Her designs have graced the runways from New York down the east coast as well as being published in various magazines. Dell believes true success can not be achieved without giving back, so she mentors youth within the educational system in her home state.

Mirage Collection by Del Scott

Today, Dell is jet setting all across the country, most recently in California for LA Fashion Week.

Dell Scott is a fashion brand dedicated to creating exquisite casual and formal couture clothing that empowers women to embrace who they were truly created to be. Established in 2015 by American born designer Dell Scott.  The collections are designed to meticulously tap into the vibrancy, sensuality, and essence of all women.

The brand consists of silhouettes that drape and accentuate every aspect of a woman while displaying a strong sense of femininity and power.  The collections feature simplistic, yet captivating designs to help each woman enhance who she is, not alter who she is. Ultimately, when a woman looks good, she feels good and when she feels good she can conquer the world.

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