Podcast Episode 325

Podcast Promotion and Sponsorships


Are there products or services that you use and love to post about on social media every chance that you get?  Have you taken a trip lately and loved the location and or the accommodations?


Wawa Coffee


Perhaps you are you a foodie that loves to cook and share recipes?  If so, then you should think about promoting these products and services on your podcast.




As a blogger or influencer since 2012, I have made a little, not much, but a few coins from product promotions.  As a matter of fact, I along with two other boomer bloggers were flown to Los Angeles to shoot a commercial for Depend undergarments which also appeared in Woman’s Day Magazine. 


I have received checks, clothing, shoes, food, laptops, printers and even cars (for 7 days) just to promote them, if you don’t believe me, head over to my first blog, DeDivahDeals.com and check it out.



Depend Undergarment Advertisement


I would have probably made a lot more money or received more products had I not pivoted to a different profile page and started my own business in social media management, but just like anything else in life, there are ebbs and flows and I am flowing back into the product endorsements and now using my podcast for the promotions.


According to FTC guidelines, bloggers are to plainly state their relationship with the company for which they are promoting.  However, in a recent article that I read, those guidelines have not officially been enacted or mandated for podcasters.


Unfortunately, now a lot of the host-read ads are not adhering to the FTC’s guidelines, which can present a “slippery slope” situation for podcasters.


Some advertisers may require hosts to read endorsements such as, “the food is good, the product works, it feels good,” but of course, listeners might never know if hosts are giving a personal reviews or just reading an advertiser’s script.


Some podcasters will work with advertisers and try to sneak in a personal endorsement without trying the product, and will read the ad in the second person to get around the regulations.  There are many podcasters that have no problems doing that, I am just not one of them!


I have and will continue to create my own advertisement such as the one for Blake’s Booth, because I have personal knowledge of the podcasting studio in Middletown, DE.



Joining Affiliate Programs can also be a great source of additional income for both bloggers and podcasters, but you have to ensure that you state that you are endorsing the product and/or are receiving compensation which I have done many times on my blog and in social media posts. 


Start, Grow and Monetize Your Blog with Confidence

This is an Affiliate Link


You can also endorse a product or service that you have personally used and not been compensated, but you should hashtag or @mention the company on your social media platforms.  Remember to also tag them in the promotion of the episode to get more exposure and possibly an affiliate deal with them. 


As a matter of fact, soon I will be working with Rose’s Discount Stores on a few upcoming campaigns, so stay tuned!




Of course if you have sponsors, you should state that the show or episode is being sponsored by the company or the brand which typically means that you have been compensated in some form, whether it’s monetary or not.  


I offer sponsorships for the Delaware Blogger podcast, so if you are interested, please send an email to [email protected]


Do you accept sponsors for your podcast, if not, why not?  There are many opportunities in which to not only earn a few coins, but also to increase your listening audiences, as your sponsor will most likely promote your show.





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