Podcast Promotional Tips

Wow, can you believe that we’re fast approaching the end of 2021?   Despite the ups and downs, it has still been a very prosperous year especially as a podcaster, so as I close out Season #5 , I wanted to share a few podcast promotional tips.

In Episode #281 of the Delaware Blogger podcast I talked about promotion on social media, focusing mainly on the Big 4 even though according to stats, Tik Tok is gaining speed, however, since I haven’t mastered those mini videos, I am going to stick with what I know.

As you know Facebook is considered to be the #1 social site for promotion but for me it is slowly dropping down to becoming number 2 behind Instagram, it’s little cousin. Instagram is making significant changes which will quickly take over, then there are Twitter and LinkedIn.  Every day you can read new information on when and how to best post to these sites, but remember that you don’t need to be on all of these platforms, just be where your listeners are and be there consistently.


You should create a Facebook business page so that you can use the analytics to check out the times your listeners are most active and to determine which shows are most popular or are resonating with your listeners. With this information you can create similar content and post at times when most are active. You can also register your podcast using the RSS feed feature so that each time a new episode is published it will appear on the page. 

Posting at least 1-2 times per day is suggested so use your Insights to determine the best times in which to do so. Remember it doesn’t always have to be an episode, it can be a question, a quote, a graphic or a meme from an episode just to capture the attention of the “scrollers”.

You can also use a program such as Headliner to stop the scroll…animation gets attention.  You should post on holidays and not just the major ones either – there is a National Holiday Calendar and some of those days can be related to your podcast topic or niche and remember to respond to comments.


Posting at least a minimum of 3 to 7 times per week because this is a visual platform and that is where your cover art is really gonna stand out. Speaking of cover art; I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you should create new cover art for each episode why… because it’s like going into a record shop and seeing the same album cover over and over again yet you know the group has new music.

You can have one main logo cover art but with each episode why not create new graphic which will cause people to pause…because if they are seeing the same cover art over and over again, they might just pass it by. 

Canva is such a great platform, quick and easy and it interfaces with Buzzsprout so you can create cover art within the platform making it even easier.  Think about it, is there a billboard or sign in a store window that has been there for weeks, months or even years? You probably don’t even stop to read it anymore right – same thing can happen with your podcast cover art – people are seeing the same image on Instagram and may not even stop to read the comments letting them know that it’s a new episode.


The recommendation for posting on Twitter is 1 to 5 tweets per day and that does not include retweeting and sharing others content.  It may seem like a lot, but considering Twitter is fast paced platform you can get away with posting the same thing multiple times per day at different times. Think in a 24-hour cycle because social is global and while you may be sleeping at 3 AM EST, there are others in a different parts of the world eating dinner and scrolling the internet.

Use questions with linkbacks to previous episodes, ones that provides answers to those questions or solves a pain point. Use hashtags to get more exposure and include PLS RT – which is a great CTA because it is simply asking others to please retweet and most will without question. 

Don’t be selfish on any platform, pick a few people or pages that you follow and share their posts, leave a comment and I am sure they’ll reciprocate which is going to expand and broaden your brand.


Last but not least LinkedIn; it has been recommended to post 1 to 5 times a day….which is very interesting because back in the 2005 stats stated only once a-day or 3 times a week. However, no matter just remember that this is the professional platform, so don’t spam or try to pick up dates on LinkedIn. This is not a dating site, this is a business site so share any episodes which are helpful to your followers and connections and ask that they leave a recommendation or endorsement, especially if your podcast is based upon your field of expertise, business and or profession.

Once again, remember you want to be on all the platforms where your listeners are and you don’t need to be where they are not…for me that’s Snapchat, TikTok and believe it or not, YouTube is not giving me the ROI that I wanted so I haven’t created a video for several months.

If you have any questions about promoting your podcast or even starting a podcast, send an email to [email protected] to sign up for the 15-minute Complimentary Discovery Call and register for the 5-Week Coaching Session on Zoom or in Blake’s Booth Podcasting Studio in Middletown, DE  www.thehomellc.com/blakesbooth

Social media can be filled with a lot of bright and shiny objects and you want to make sure that you are creating content that will get and keep your listeners focused. By using scheduling tools like Buffer or PromoRepublic you can keep your content consistent and are able to check your analytics so that you are not just “spitting in the wind” and wasting time.

The holidays are right about the corner  and I want to thank everyone who has been following me these past 5 seasons, and if you wish to enter for a chance to win on of 3 Silver Telfar bags, click the link Raffle of a Telfar Bag – Good Luck!

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Do you have any podcasting promotional tips to share?

I want to know what you think, please leave a comment and share with your circle.

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