As a podcaster, one of our main goals is to publish valuable content consistently for our listeners. In addition to that we are also looking for ways in which to grow and strengthen our group of loyal podcast listeners as well as social media followers.

There are many ways in which to so including creating a blog for your  podcast; launch a video podcast or YouTube channel, promote on Pinterest; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram Reels and Tik Tok, but in today’s crowded field of 24/7/265 social media overload, turning your podcast into a book is most effective!

If you are following me on YouTube then you may recall back in August when I decided to record an episode every day with plans to turn it into a book…well I haven’t done it yet….however, I have enough content to do so and am planning to kick off 2021 with those more than 100+ episodes with podcasting pointers.

Many podcast hosts have had great success from branching out into author territory and sharing their podcasting knowledge in a different format.

I have authored 2 books, “Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners” and “Podcasting Your Purpose” Resource Guide on Amazon and just recently completed another Podcasting eBook which I will be launching during the holidays. 

These books are an extension of the podcast and blog and allows another opportunity to expand and broaden my brand online.

There are many podcasters out there who have expanded their influence and reach by taking topics shared via audio on their podcast then putting those words on paper and turning it into a book and so should you!

Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners

1. Strengthen Your Subject Matter Expertise (SME)

One of the most compelling reasons for writing a book is that it will strengthen your credibility as a Subject Matter Expert or SME – which by the way looks and sounds great as part of your bio online especially on LinkedIn.

Having a book with your name printed on the cover is a great way to highlight and promote your “Expertise Status” because believe it or not, books are viewed as one of the most credible sources of information. 

Turning your podcast into a book, you will be able to put out more content in another medium, which strengthens your authority within your niche and industry and may help push your podcast to the top.

2. Repurpose Your Content

The research and work that you’ve already done for your podcast can be and should be turned into a book. Writing a book is a great opportunity to re-purpose your content, and it’s never one and done and your podcast content is never wasted, just rinsed and repeated.  You can also add more “meat to the bones” with written content to an already researched and promoted podcast giving your listeners more who may be eager to get it!

3. You Already Have a Built in Audience

For many would-be authors and writers, the biggest fear is that no one will buy their books. However, as a host of a podcast who hopefully already has a strong base of loyal listeners, then you know that there are people who are interested in your area of expertise and would be eager to purchase your book – so share it with them on your podcast. 

Podcast listeners are loyal and dedicated so you will already have a huge amount of support for your book. You can invite them to leave comments and reviews so that they can be included in the book which is more of an incentive for them to purchase a copy for themselves, family and friends too!

4. Expand Your Audience

One of the main goals for podcast hosts is to get as many listeners as possible. There are many ways from promoting your show on different social media platforms.  However, writing a book is a better longer lasting marketing strategy. 

Whether it’s a physical print book, an e-book or even an audiobook, each gives you yet another platform to reach more and expand your audience.  Some people prefer reading paper or scrolling on an eReader/Kindle so by putting out your podcast content in a completely different format, you will be reaching a new audience, which you can then convert to podcast listeners.  

5. Childhood Dream Come True

I don’t know about you, but I have always wanted to see my name in print, which started way back in elementary school back in the 60’s when we made our own books in school.  Writing and folding the paper in half and then stapling it, drawing a picture and then putting my name on the cover was cool.  

It was for my family and I proudly displayed it in my room along with those other “See Spot Run” books, but now as a podcaster all the work that I have put out since 2016, was the reason for the Podcasting Your Purpose Resource Guides and it’s a real book that I still proudly display in my room/home office.

Self-publishing is becoming more and more popular, which is what I did, you have more control over your content, the cost as well as how and where you advertise your book makes it easier than ever before!

6. Create an Additional Stream of Income

Who isn’t looking to turn their hobby of podcasting into a jobby and with today’s uncertainty, having an additional stream of income is vital. Creating podcasting content consistently means that there is always a way to turn that content into another stream of income. 

Once you’ve completed the writing, editing and designing of your book, and covered any costs you may have incurred through the editing, printing, and distribution processes, the sale of your book will bring in additional revenue. 

Writing a book can also open up other opportunities for audience exposure and additional stream of income.  Podcasting and then writing a book can turn into speaking engagements, teaching/training or coaching opportunities, or workshops and seminars all of which I have been able to do and so can you!

You’ve built up your credibility and authority by putting “author” behind your name.

Are you Ready to Write?

Turning your podcast into a book could open up many new doors for you and create new and exciting opportunities. Writing, editing, and publishing your own book can also be really overwhelming, but like eating an elephant, take it one bite at a time and you may reap some great benefits by putting your podcasting content into a new format and reaching a whole new audience. 

So start putting pen to paper with those amazing show notes and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a published author and both you and your podcast will reap the rewards.

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