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I have been a podcast host now for over three years; my first podcast, “Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger” was produced by AAU Global Productions Media Group on Blog Talk Radio. I then started another podcast, the Delaware Blogger Podcast on Anchor FM and am now also the host of the What’s Up Next! podcast for Elite Conversations.

Podcasting Microphone
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Podcasting Condenser Microphone from Xiaokoa

When I first started recording I purchased a Yeti Microphone but never used it, instead spoke directly into the speaker of a landline phone. It worked well for me and for my guests and I never thought about making a change until we moved into an apartment. The Yeti mic is sturdy, yet heavy and bulky.

I packed up the Yeti and placed it into storage until we move into our “Forever Home”, and I no longer have a landline so I am using my Smartphone. It works well for solo recordings but there were some glitches in the “Recording With Friends” feature on Anchor FM, so I stopped…too many dropped calls.

I decided to use Zoom to pre-record the interviews and then upload to Anchor and so far so good. However, I also wanted to use a microphone for on location recordings as I had planned to record from the alumni tent at DelState’s Homecoming and this model was recommended by a friend.

I ordered the Podcasting Condenser Microphone from Xiaokoa on Wednesday and it arrived on Friday and for the price of only $20.99, it was definitely worth the investment!

​​​​​​​Lightweight and portable makes it perfect to travel and easy to pack and carry in my tote bag or even my purse.

Podcasting Microphones

The Xiaokoa Professional Condenser Microphone, Plug &Play Home Studio microphones works with an Iphone or Android as well as when recording on a PC Computer. It is also perfect for Podcasting with limited space such as in a small apartment in the bathroom or closet and the desktop MIC Stand has a dual-layer acoustic filter.

I also previously purchased another larger podcasting microphone which I plan on using when we move and I have my larger office space back. Once I use it, I’ll come back and give you a review on that one too.

According to the description on Amazon;

  • Professional Condenser Microphone】Capture rich, full-bodied sound from sources that are directly in front of the mic; 100% restores your voice without any distortion, enjoy original voice and giving you the superior sound possible out of your vocal performances.
  • ♫【Plug and play & High Compatibility】Allows you to use your Condenser mic with either laptop or desktop system / Windows(7,8,10) or Mac computer; No driver required. PLEASE NOTE: If you use Android phone/iPhone, you need a headset microphone Y splitter cable adapter(Package including). If you use computer/PC/Laptop/MacBook, you need a USB sound card adapter(Package including) to make the microphone work well.
  • ♫【Perfect for Vocals】Brand new design and high quality home studio microphone mount comes with professional dual-layer acoustic filter to prevent from popping and improve vocal recording quality, adjustable distance between the mic and the filter. Perfect for Vocals, Musical Instruments, Broadcasting, Podcasting, Interviews, Voice Recording, Video Conference, Singing over Internet, Online Chatting such as Facebook, MSN, Skype and more.
  • ♫【Folding and Portable】Ultra-compact design for maximum portability, you can fix the microphone on the desk with the mini flexible head,360°rotation adjust the direction and height of the microphone. Kit includes: 1× Black Condenser Microphone, 1× 360 Degree Flexible Rotation Desktop Stand, 1× 3.5 Stereo Plug Audio Cable, 1× Y splitter adapter, 1× USB sound card adapter, 1×Small carry bag.   However, there was no carrying bag included.

Let’s Chat > Are you a Podcaster, if so, what microphone do you use if any?

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4 thoughts on “Podcasting Condenser Microphone from Xiaokoa

  1. I’ve been doing some mobile videos using my iphone and I bought a mic for better sound quality too. But it’s not compatible with a gimbal. The XR is bulky and since they removed jacks from iphones, in my opinion, there’s more need for workarounds rather than things working seamlessly with any kind of elegant solution. So, I have to make other arrangements for making it all work together. I think Im going to try to find a splitter too.

  2. I’ve been using an Audio Technica 2020 condenser mic for voice over recordings and when I was doing my podcast.I plug it into a small Behringer mixer. For locations I like the Roland AR-05 Recorder.

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