Podcasting Trends in 2023

Podcasting Trends in 2023


Hello and Happy New Year 2023!!


I am so excited to not only be kicking off Season 9 of the “The Delaware Blogger Podcast” but also the 4th season of “Out & About with Antionette” podcast which is published by EC Podcast Media, with new episodes dropping every Wednesday @ 1PM EST!


Out & About with Antionette podcast


Now, if in 2022, you thought about starting a podcast but didn’t or perhaps started and then stopped and have made a decision to start up again, then this episode if for you. 


podcasting trends in 2023


The Delaware Blogger Podcast actually launched in 2017.  I was just as a member of a larger community on Anchor FM but then grew it into becoming more of a niche specific podcast, where I was sharing podcasting pointers, tips and trends.  I learned by trial and error and gathered enough information to write 2Podcasting Your Purpose” Resource Guides which are available for purchase.


Podcasting Your Purpose Resource Guide Edition 2 front cover


Podcasting is still very popular so in this episode I shared a few podcasting trends for 2023


Did you know that according to Thought Leaders io the number of podcasts and podcast listeners has only continued to grow in size, and it looks like it won’t be slowing down any time soon. It is predicted that in 2023, there will be around 464M podcast listeners and the podcasting industry will be worth approximately $4B by the end of 2023″

Podcasts Are Niching Down


You can’t be everything to everyone and as a business owner you can’t satisfy every customer so niching down is a concept that you need to consider.  Becoming a niche-specific show essentially requires you to be laser focused or target a smaller group. Some may think that this makes you lose out on listeners or downloads, but it actually gives your podcast  a broader appeal and it’s more intimate which we talked about on a previous episode.


10,000 downloads on Buzzsprout

Live Streaming Podcasts Are More Popular


The best thing about podcasts is they can easily be repurposed into a blog post but also in a video-based format – especially with the popularity of TikTok.  Recording your podcasts live using Streamyard or Zoom gives you the best of both worlds, because you can then convert those MP4 videos into MP3 audio episodes.


Post-pandemic live streaming podcasts present an opportunity for more authentic connections between the listeners and the podcast host, which gives you the ability to interact in real time using text-based chat.



podknow speaker

As a speaker, it also gives your audience an opportunity to see you in action so when an opportunity presents itself for an in-person event they already know what they are getting.

Speaking of which, I will be presenting at PodKnow 2023 Online Podcasting Conference being held on Saturday, February 4, 2023

Make sure to purchase your ticket soon!


Podcast Platforms Are Seeing More Competition


The power of podcasting is causing various hosting platforms to become more competitive, each seeking to be #1 in the industry.  So far, there doesn’t seem to be a front-runner, since podcasters upload their RSS feed to least three different platforms including:

Spotify, Apple and iHeart Radio so make sure you have your podcast listed in each of these directories for more exposure.


Podcast Cross-Promotion


Podcast Cross-Promotion is when two podcast creators collaborate on a specific episode together, or even a series of episodes which I have previously done with Burce Chamoff, founder of NYC Podcast Network, also the creator of PodKnow Online Podcasting Conference.

Cross-promotion is a great way to expose your podcast to a new audience because not only will you be sharing the episode with your audience, they will also be sharing it with their audience – a win-win for you both as long as the topics are in line with your show and the host has the same values as you.


Last but certainly not least is your equipment – now is the time to step up your game so that you sound good and professional.


Podcast Equipment


This is the year that you might want to spend a little more money for your podcast equipment. I remember when starting this podcast on Anchor FM, I was just talking into my phone using a recording app.  I would record a stop lights on the way home from work, outside during lunch or on the “Back 40” of our home with cars, engines and distractions all around me.


However, with the quality of podcasts improving with more and more people picking up a mic including high-profile names such as Michelle Obama and Megan Markle you will need to step up your equipment game.  You should have the best that you can afford podcast equipment, so do your research and make sure you get a high quality mic and record in a location with little to no distractions.


If you are local, there is a Podcast Studio in Middletown, which is perfect for recording and the rates are reasonable.  Listeners have more options now and they are expecting more that someone just simply talking into their Smartphone (which works in a pinch), but remember that you need to invest in yourself because you matter and you are worth it! 


Do you have any podcasting trends for 2023 to share?  If so, leave them in the comments.



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