podfade the 7 episode itch

Podfade – 7 Episode Itch


Did you know that I will have been married for 32 years on August 11th?  Yep!  We have two sons ages 26 and 30, I am in it for the long haul and I never went through the 7-year itch – I am committed!


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In this episode #304 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast the topic is Podfade – The 7 Episode Itch

Did you know that there are many people who start a podcast or a blog and after about 7 episodes or 7 weeks when they are not feeling the love, not getting the listeners, the download numbers or shares or getting the traction expected they are ready to quit.  That is not a good decision, if they’re passionate about their topic.


Don’t Be a Quitter – Don’t Fade Away


I had a client who had been podcasting for about 2 years and was not seeing the numbers that she wanted to see, but after giving her a few promotional tips  she began to see an increase in her download.  I’ve been podcasting since 2017 and although I am not getting the numbers that I really want, I am doing what I love and loving what I do so I am going to continue doing so.


We have a message to share, we’ve each have education, inspiration and passions so we are going to continue to do what we love.  So if you are 7 episodes in or even more and are thinking about fading away – please don’t and here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t fade away.


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others – do not compare yourself to anyone else you must do you boo boo.  Don’t allow imposter syndrome to take hold and don’t get caught up on having a perfect podcasts.  Initially you’re not going to like the way you sound, you’re not going to like your umms and aahs or even the tone of your voice, it will never be perfect but it will be honest.
  2. You are sharing a message or leaving a legacy not leaving a priceless heirloom.  Leave your unique message and stay focused so that people get to know, like and trust you.  It’s your playing field and you want to stay on the team, so stay in the game.
  3. You are having an intimate relationship with your listeners.  They are going to fall in love with your laughter, the tone, depth and speed of your voice so don’t leave them hanging.
  4. It’s not a one size fits all so don’t think small and play big or play big and think small.  Remember you have to do you boo boo.  You can’t reach everyone, but you can join communities on LinkedIn, Redditt, or Facebook to grow your circle.
  5. You are following a dream…a passion…a purpose or giving back.  Our gift from God is life and what we do with that life is our gift back to him.

6. Be powerful, be passionate, but be authentic.  Don’t tear others down to build yourself up, there are millions of other podcasts out there and your listeners will find you.

  1. Do You – Be You – Enjoy You

Remember, don’t fade away or get caught up in that 7 episode itch.  Take your time and remember there are things that you’re gonna want to do that others aren’t willing to do:

  • speak your passion 
  • share your vision 
  • market and create membership sites/clubs/organizations 
  • repurpose content from your blog or your vlog
  • build trust by staying consistent 
  • your podcast is making you likable which is eventually going to help your show grow 
  • you can literally change someone’s life 

I hope that these 7 pointers will help keep you from fading away and if you are interested in learning more, sign up for my 5-Week Coaching Session by sending an email to [email protected] so that we can get you started. 

If you prefer to go it alone, you can purchase a copy of my Podcasting Your Purpose Resource Guide to get you started.

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