Self-Love in the Age of Social Media

The amount of influence social media has on our youth is far greater than we know.  Many other aspects of their lives have been damaged, such as their education, their self-worth, and self-love.  

Before social media, it was the responsibility of our parents/grandparents and guardians to reinforce the best within us – my grandmother would always say, “beauty is only skin deep”.  Times have changed and we have evolved from comparing images seen on tv and in the movies to what is seen on social media platforms.

Getting LIKES and FOMO anxiety from social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat can get competitive, with users often begging for them in virtual “beauty pageants”.

Listen to this evening’s Podcast as I talk to Chardiney Wood, Ms. Delaware USA Ambassador 2017 on the importance of self-love in the age of social media.


6 thoughts on “Self-Love in the Age of Social Media

  1. I’ll be honest, this day in age I hate the fact we seek validation from how many likes and comments we have. With social media being the core of my business I get stressed out about it since brands and followers feel that is important.

    I try to limit myself on social media to avoid the stress.

    Great topic to discuss sis!


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