Social Media Savvy for Boomers and Beyond – Episode 1

Social Media Savvy for Boomers and Beyond television program on DETV28

If you are following me on Facebook then you would should have seen the video of Social Media Savvy for Boomers and Beyond – Episode 1

Yes, the De Divah has taken the show on the road, from blogging to vlogging, from Podcasting to now hosting a local television program.

Coming this Spring to DETV Channel 28 in Wilmington, Delaware, the “Social Media Savvy for Boomers and Beyond” is going to be a weekly program that will also be streamed live and I am over-the-top excited.

Even though I have been interviewed on television shows in the past including the episode below on the Delaware Way, I have to admit that this was a bit nerve racking and I can’t explain why.

For the first few takes, I read from a teleprompter, which made it seem very robotic, however, this video was unscripted and without a teleprompter and as with practice, I will get better.

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10 thoughts on “Social Media Savvy for Boomers and Beyond – Episode 1

  1. This is a great way to increase brand awareness, build instant credibility, and get your name and blog out there before the masses up close and personal Robin Leach style. This is good stuff what you’re doing now on TV. At least more people in Delaware are aware now of blogging as a side hustle and using affiliate marketing and blogging as a gateway to achieving future status of “side hustle millionaire.”

    Keep up the good work. And yeah, FB nixed me again for indirectly calling Trump a heathen for deporting children back without their parents or family. They waited until I started inviting people to the FB group to use that as a reason to disable me. I’ll be back momentarily though. Getting my SEO and Alexa rankings up through the roof before I make another page. 🙂

    1. Thank you because I had a great time filming this episode. I’m hoping that I’ll be picked up for the Spring so that I can continue doing it weekly because it was fun and great for brand awareness.

      Sorry to hear that you’ve been put in Facebook jail but I know you’ll be back stronger and better. Have a great weekend!

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