Documenting Her Dementia in a Blog

Monday morning while getting dressed for work I was watching the Today Show and a feature story by Maria Shriver caught my attention.  It was an interview with a woman named Gerda Saunders and her family.


Gerda Saunders on the Today Show


Mrs. Saunders is a loving wife, mother, grandmother and the author of the newly released book, Memory’s Last Breath: Field Notes on My Dementia in which she chronicled adventures in her life after a diagnosis of dementia at the age of 61.



According to the website:

Based on the “field notes” she keeps in her journal, Memory’s Last Breath is Saunders’ astonishing window into a life distorted by dementia. She writes about shopping trips cut short by unintentional shoplifting, car journeys derailed when she loses her bearings and the embarrassment of forgetting what she has just said to a room of colleagues. Coping with the complications of losing short-term memory, Saunders nonetheless embarks on a personal investigation of the brain and its mysteries, examining science and literature, and immersing herself in vivid memories of her childhood in South Africa.




What caught my attention wasn’t the fact that she has dementia, which is a disease that according to statistics one in nine Americans will be affected by.  What caught my attention was the fact that she chose to journal and blog about her life before she totally loses her memory.


That journal is now a book so once her memory fades and she is no longer mentally or physically with her family, they will always have a part of her, keeping her spirit alive for all eternity.


You can read more about the Today Show interview with Maria Shriver and learn more about the life and love of Gerda, however, I just wanted to say, that leaving a legacy with a blog is perhaps one of the most generous gifts she can give to her family.


Please don’t let a diagnosis of dementia, cancer or any other ailment or disease be the catalyst for starting a blog; let leaving memories of family fun, friends, inspiration, education, love, and joy be some of the motivating factors in which to do so.


No matter what you say about Social Media, good bad or ugly; Social Media has given us all an opportunity to document and chronicle parts of our lives that will last forever…a gift for our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.


If you are interested in learning how to build a blog or need help improving a current blog, please head over to my website, to learn more.  If you live in Delaware, make sure to sign up for the 3 part Build A Blog Workshop series that I will be teaching at Delaware Technical Community College starting in September.


Build a Blog with Blake


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The Delaware Blogger is Back in the News


Last month, I was contacted by a reporter from Delaware Today Magazine and then two weeks later another reporter from Delaware sent an email with the same request.  Each of them wanted to interview me, The Delaware Blogger to be included as a feature in their individual publications.



Antionette Blake, the Delaware Blogger



It’s not that I haven’t been in the news before but in these two instances, it was not only an honor to be asked but it was also a blessing.  If you have been following me these past 5 years, then you know that I work very hard trying to be the best blogger, vlogger and Podcast host that I can be.  Educating and training others to do the same and enjoying every minute of it.


Best Blogger 2017 Certificate


However, I feel that blogging as an Encore Entrepreneur is much harder because the field is crowded with Gen Y and Millennials bloggers who receive more opportunities and recognition than most boomer and seniors bloggers do.



So anytime that I am honored or recognized I don’t take it for granted and it makes me feel that I have made the right decision and it forces me to want to be even better.  


I would personally like to thank Holly Quinn,  for writing the following article and I hope that you will head over to their website to read it in its entirety, oh and don’t forget please leave a comment.



And to all my faithful followers old and new I want to say, “THANK YOU” for your support and I want to give you a big virtual hug – so stand together closely so that you can all feel the love!!! 



Jun. 29, 2017 12:32 pm

She’s not called the Delaware Blogger for nothing

Meet Antionette Blake.

Antionette Blake loves a good deal — and even more than that, she loves sharing deals, recipes, and advice on her blog,

A self-described “Boomer who blogs with a Millennial mind,” Blake, who moved to Delaware in the ‘70s, grew up learning how to thrift and find deals at her grandmother’s side. Blogging is just one of the things she does that helps carry on that legacy.

We asked her some questions, and it’s clear to see why Blake may be the hardest working blogger/vlogger/podcaster/brand ambassador/TV host/educator/IBM-contractor in Delaware.


How long have you been blogging, and how did you get into it?

I’ve been blogging since 2012. It started as a way to fill a void after the death of my grandmother.  My grandmother had raised my sister and myself and we grew up in the housing projects in New Rochelle, N.Y., and then in 1976, we moved to Dover with my uncle, her son, who was stationed at the Air Force base. In 1992, after the death of he and my sister, Gloria who were both killed in a car accident, I moved her in with us, with my husband and two sons, to Middletown. She and I loved shopping and finding deals as she actually was the one who started me on the road of thrifting in the early ’60s.

After she died at the age of 98, I continued to shop to find deals and savings, but with a house filled with testosterone, they didn’t care about how much I saved while shopping, they just wanted to be fed!

So I started posting my deals online, which was just Facebook at first. If you remember, Facebook at the time was literally just a few family members and friends, and I wasn’t “feeling the love” from anyone so I started watching YouTube videos and my world opened up when I started following other “thriftinistas” who also blogged about their shopping hauls.


Blogging and Mental Health Podcast

Mental stress caused by our job, family, friends, finances or faith can oftentimes cause anxiety which can be released in negative ways. Fear of the future or trying to push back the past can be overwhelming.

If you have been looking for a low-cost nonmedicinal way in which to improve your outlook on life or release some of this stress blogging might just be the answer. Sometimes writing out your feelings, both positive and negative, can contribute a great deal to your mental health.

Tune in to listen to the Podcast at 6 PM EST as I speak with my special guest Regina McDowell, blogger of got2bgina, on how blogging can be good for the brain

Blogging & Beauty Mixer

Soy Candles

It’s been a little over a week yet, I am still excited after conducting my first Blogging and Beauty Mixer which was held at the Reallook Med Spa in Bear, Delaware.


Soy Candles

Most of you know that I have been providing free Blogging and Social Media Workshops at local libraries for the Money School of Delaware since 2013.  As much as I enjoyed teaching the workshops for free the time had come that I could no longer afford to continue doing so.




I have literally trained over 500 participants and have spoken in front of more than 1500 small business owners since starting my blogging journey in 2012.  I have enjoyed each and every workshop and presentation, however, beginning in September, I will be conducting them as a 3-part Blogging Series at Del Tech Community College in Stanton. 

These workshops will become part of their course offerings and I will be paid for doing what I love to do; the Delaware Blogger is finally turning her passion into a profit in a major way!


As an introduction to my consulting services, the Blogging and Beauty Mixer was held at the Reallook Med Spa, in collaboration with the owners, Arun and Simmi Bixit.  The mini seminar’s title “Blogging is Good for the Mind, Body, and Soul” was apropos considering it was hosted at a Day Spa.

Registration for the Mixer was created in Eventbrite, promoted on Facebook and many thanks to my friends and followers because the tickets sold out in less than 2 weeks!  Not only did it sell out, but I had several business owners agree to donate products for the Goodie Giveaway Bags which included, The New Castle County Chamber of Commerce, AARP Delaware, Summit Liquors, The Cleaning Girl, Inc., The Women’s Business Center, Anara Originals, Splash Designworks and content creator of got2bgina blog who had the personalized Soy Candles made.

My makeup artist and designer, Nikki Valentine, owner, of N.V.Me Designs USA, LLC
The best part of the Blogging and Beauty Mixer was having everyone introduce themselves as well as tell a little something about their life’s journey.  With each story or testimony, it becomes more apparent that we had all met for a purpose.  

The testimonies and shout outs were inspiring and it was also a great way to network with like-minded individuals.  The love and support from everyone in attendance was truly heartwarming.

Needless to say, this is something that I have prayed for and by adding a Blog Consulting service to A.Blake Enterprises I hope that it will get me closer to my dream of retiring from Corporate America before the year 2020.

I would like to thank everyone that attended the first Blogging and Beauty Mixer and look forward to the next one.


If you are interested in receiving a Blog Analysis, please send an email to and I will get back to you to schedule a consultation and review.


Let’s chat:  are you interested in starting a blog or perhaps making changes to your current one?