See It – Believe It – Achieve It! ? The Power of Prayers

When I worked in an office I sat in a cubicle like most others, however, unlike most others the walls of my cubicle contained more than family photos, I hung scriptures and inspirational messages.

I have always believed in the power of prayer; if you see it, believe it, then you can achieve it.




The bulletin board in my home office also contains inspirational messages and scriptures, which I believe are very important in achieving one’s goals.

After starting my day reading scriptures from the Holy Bible, I sit in front of a bulletin board that contains cards, pictures and these messages of encouragement.




Now when I look up from my keyboard and see pictures of my sister and a card that she gave me in 1985, I know that her spirit is alive and that she is providing me with the inspiration to keep me going forward.




I also keep one special picture of the boys from a trip to Orlando as it shows that they feared nothing even at a young age.  It is an important reminder to me that there is nothing to fear because God Always Answers Prayers!




What’s on your bulletin board?

11 thoughts on “See It – Believe It – Achieve It! ? The Power of Prayers

  1. I, too, keep scripture around me at my desk. I have a daily flip calendar that has a new scripture on it for each day. I read and re-read it throughout the day. I also have a little promise box of individual cards with different scriptures on them. When I’m having a particularly difficult time, I reach in and pull one out and read it. It’s amazing how many times it’s exactly what I need! We know that’s not a coincidence.
    So, I’m curious because of live in Central Florida, why were your children afraid to come to Orlando?

    1. Thank you Wanda, yes, reading scriptures and inspirational messages throughout the day is a great way to stay focused.

      My sons weren’t afraid of Orlando, however, they were afraid of those birds on their shoulders, and if you look closely at their faces you can tell they were uncomfortable but braved through the new experience.

      This is a lesson that I have learned in my life, brave through a new experience and PRAY!

  2. The words that surround you are up-lifting. Sometimes during the day if our spirits say, a photo of our children always makes us realize why we are and why we work goes along with love. Great post.

  3. I loved reading this post girl. I like to start the day as well with scripture. I have a vision board with various goals to accomplish this year… I want to add a few more things to it.

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